Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday~ Yes Kids I'm back!

"Love your children with all your hearts, love them enough to discipline them before it is too late.... Praise them for important things, even if you have to stretch them a bit. Praise them a lot. They live on it like bread and butter and they need it more than bread and butter."
- Lavina Christensen Fugal

"Find the seed at the bottom of your heart and bring forth a flower."
- Shigenori Kameoka

"Give me the fruitful error any time, full of seeds, bursting with its own corrections. You can keep your sterile truth for yourself."
- Vilfredo Pareto

Did Y'all think I was gone? I bet at least one of my "kids" was hoping I was done with the Friday's advice for the kids... No such luck.. I love giving advice to those younger and even older than me.. Now on to today's advice!

1:) Hating everything and everyone around you doesn't help! I know because I have tried this myself.. some mornings I even wake up mad with the whole world.. You might even ask me.." for what?" and I would have to reply.. "just for!" Sometimes people do things that make you angry.. sometimes it just seems like absolutely nothing goes the way you want it too; or feel that it should.. that's the days that most of us hate the whole world and everyone in it.. I guess it's just the way things are.. I don't think fate has anything personal against any one of us.. then again he has been rather nasty to me.. I have never won any lottery.. I didn't have any rich uncles to leave me a pile of cash... I can get both ends to meet in the middle every once in a while but I have never had them tied.. Not even once... and yet My oldest son says that I always survive.. he said it like that was a bad thing.. Maybe I won't be mad with the whole world.. just those who inhabit my own personal world.. do I have any volunteers to be first on my list?

2:) Just because someone else stopped talking doesn't mean they agree with you and what you are saying! This happens to me a lot.. when I am fed up with trying to tell someone something and they are obviously not paying any attention to me.. I just shut up and move on... if someone shuts up and walks away you should not assume that you are right.. you should instead realize that you just made it on to someones "I hate the whole world and everyone in it" list! ...Wouldn't you like to see where you are on other people's Hate list? Sometimes I'm sure I am way up near the top of every one's list.. other times I wonder why any one could ever dislike a wonderful humble little old lady like me.. ( WOW!!! I even scared myself with that comment!) I guess it's a good thing we don't all write down our "lists" otherwise we might all see just where we stand in the eyes of others.. I think I'd rather be ignorant...

3:) Going on Reality TV is not cool!!! First of all ~I truly hope that Not a single one of my "children" have ever done anything that Jerry Springer or Dr. Phil.. or any of the other TV hosts would find interesting enough to put on their show.. If you have done anything that stupid and have it hidden away like a skeleton in your closet~ then please keep it right there in your closet for here ever after!! If you ever go on any TV show and parade 100 baby daddies across a stage looking for a father for your baby~ I will put my foot in your behind.. If you don't know who the daddy is then let that be just between you and God and the woman at the welfare office.. the rest of us would rather not know!! If you are one of the hundred baby daddies there for the same woman.. I will put my foot in your behind still....If you ever go on any of those shows for any reason~ I will put my foot in your behind.. If you have done something that stupid.. try to forget it.. Let the rest of the world forget it.. because every time you remind me of it~ I will put my foot in your behind!! I don't care how much they paid you.. if you went on their show now the whole world knows you are stupid and careless it wasn't enough money... I might even show up there and put my foot in your behind for the whole world to see.. Just thinking about it makes me want to put my foot in some one's behind!!!

4:) The main difference between a cat and a Lie is that a cat only has nine lives... Daddy used to say that if you are planning to lie you should also plan to have a good memory... That is because a lie will be repeated and told over and over.. you will need good memory to keep all your made up details straight for the million and one times you may have to tell the same story... Have you ever noticed that people will believe the most absurd things about others and will carry a rumor all over town and it will get more and more outlandish with each re-telling? A cat you can kill.. you might have to run it over and then drown it and shoot it.... electrocute it.... stab it.. throw it to the bull dogs.. hit it with a hammer and lay it out on the tracks for a train to hit..... But eventually a cat will finally die and be no more.. Not a lie... and the more flamboyant and outrageous a lie is.. the longer it circulates.. if you don't trust me on this.. make up a "secret" about yourself.. let it be something harmless... lets say.. You fell into a sink hole and had to climb out while wearing only purple underwear..... it took you all day.. now tell this lie to a couple of people.. with-in a few days someone will ask you about your adventures in the sink hole.. So be careful what you say.. never make up or add to stories about other people.. you can damage someone for the rest of their life with just a few words spoken untruthfully.. Honestly I think it's better not to say anything about someone at all, unless of course, you know something good to say about them... Somehow though people usually only re-tell the bad things... apparently the good things about others are boring...The old saying about sticks and stones is ~ is only half true.. sticks and stones will break your bones; but WORDS do have the power to hurt others too....

5:) Go fishing! ~ It sounds simple doesn't it.. it is hard to be mad at the world~ ( and everyone in it) while you are sitting on the soft grass beside moving water.. Even at a pond or the Lake the water will lap the shore and every once in a while you might spot a minnow rushing by going about his tiny little life doing his minnow things.. If you are lucky and the time of day is right you may catch a glimpse of an old gray heron or maybe just a noisy quacking duck.. But there will be something there to take your mind away from your own troubles even for just a little while.. Anthony and I have caught our supper on baby diaper pins in water so shallow I just knew we were wasting time... Cooper and Emily have caught bream on sticks with line that barely reached the water. There were happy and I was getting a wonderful break from the same old same old of everyday life... I don't actually fish... I love to watch others.. the kids or even Dave fight and struggle and talk a fish up onto the bank.. It is like the closer the fish gets to shore then the more excited they get.. when they hook a fish even if he's just a tiny bait stealer their adrenalin kicks into overdrive and the battle begins.. I can sit in the sun on the grass or on an upside down bucket and crochet until they hook one.. then I just watch and enjoy.. I also love to lie back and listen to the sounds of the water and look at the clouds.. Go fishing.. it will relax you and things won't look so bleak afterward .. who knows you might even catch enough for supper and even if you don't catch anything you will have had a good time.. you will have relaxed for a while.

That's all of my crazy advice for today.. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!


PJ said...

i sure do love your friday advice posts. i can relate to them so well. #4 is one that i seem to see a lot. my sister is a chronic liar. don't get me wrong, she is a wonderful person and i love her to pieces, but i can't believe most of what comes out of her mouth. she believes what she says and that is the sad part. and it's not like what she is saying is even really important, i don't know why she does it.

and now i am living with a 12 year old that is 10 times worse than my sister. this one lies just to lie i think. i don't know if she thinks we are all stupid or what. it is so obvious when she is lying as she starts talking really fast and gets louder and louder. i told her once that she better be careful she is going to forget what lie she said when.

i don't have much patience for liars.

Pblacksaw said...

Pj~ I too know some folks like that.. they would rather climb a tree to tell a lie than to stand on the ground and tell the truth.. It's really sad when they believe their own lies! And they do it for attention... I have NO time for liars.. I was once in a grocery store and one of the baggers was telling a story about how his Dad had been lost at sea for three days and had swam and swam and swam and almost died..I knew the man and hurried home to get some people to praying for this man and his family.. It was all a lie!! The boy had simply made it up for no reason.. He was not a child either.. he was a grown up... at 18 I say they are grown enough to know good luck with the 12 year old though..

Rebecca said...

Great advice Patsy!

I don't even hate the people that have done me wrong, but I don't give them the opportunity to do it again either.

I'd go fishing before I ever watched reality TV!

By the way, I'm sure you're not on anyone's ignorant list.

Sunshine said...

Patsy, I sat on the riverbank on Friday afternoon with the water tingling my toes. I watched people fish and play and even the mallards had a good day. I think fishing could be relaxing, but I might talk to much to enjoy the peace and quiet...

HiTechno Corner said...

good advice

Pblacksaw said...

Rebecca~ Oh yes there are a few fools who have me on their "ignorant list" I know who they are though.. Haha I laugh at them.. I never give a person more than one chance to "get " me.. I know who they are too... Them I don't laugh at.. I get even one day some way..

Sunshine~ the river is a great place for soaking your toes.. I am not really a quiet person.. I love to watch others fish.. My family was never quiet while fishing.. My kids screamed every time their cork bobbed which is why they liked fishing with me.. I never reprimanded Joy!

HiTech~ Thanks for stopping by.. glad you enjoyed it..

Thanks to all who visit me.. Y'all make me want to write more and more! Thanks!

Big Time said...


I had to write on this one too. You and I have had some good nights sitting on the bank of the Barnwell lake with Anthony sleeping away. Fishing and talking. Those were good times. I am ready for another night of it anytime. Love you! Reuben