Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Welcome to Wednesday Weirdness!

"By reason of weird translation, many such sets of instructions read like poems anyhow."
~ Brian Ferneyhough

"Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can plan weird; that's easy. What's hard is to be as simple as Bach. Making the simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity."
~ Charles Mingus

"Duran always disturbs me. The guy is just weird. Before our first fight, both Duran and his wife gave my wife the finger." ~ Sugar Ray Leonard

Man I really have to tell y'all that the questions today were all a tiny bit racy for me. I simply can't shame my kids and my Mom by answering the sexual ones. My mom still carries her yard stick and I don't think my big behind could stand it today! I have gone back and chosen enough questions from other weeks to make up the difference. I reckon I'm just being weird but I wouldn't want to give my Mom or my Siblings a heart attack by my answers. My kids would disown me.. My husband might think I'm becoming kinky.. Then I'd have to bury him in the back yard. So I'll stick to the mildly hot topics.. I hope you enjoy my answers.. You can play along to by going to the Wednesday Weirdness questions sight. The link is over in the sidebar.. Please feel free to comment.. Now on to today's weird questions.

1.) If you had to either shop for your groceries in your underwear only (bra&panties or boxers/briefs/whatever) or run streaking through the mall totally naked for no less than 4 minutes, which will you pick?~ I can't actually imagine doing either.. I once ran naked.. Oh wait I can't share that.. But just satisfy yourself that I did indeed once run naked.. Now back to the question.. I could shop in my drawers I think.. The cops would come before I was finished and try to take me away.. Everyone there would have gone blind by the time the cops arrived though so no one would still be seeing me. I really don't like malls. I was in one once many years ago when a man ran through naked except for the brown bag over his face.. It was scary.. It gave me the creeps and made me feel weird! I haven't like malls since then. The security guys tackled him just as he was about to make it out the door.. he was rolling naked on the floor with that silly grocery sack covering his face.. He should have had everything else covered with brown paper too! I'm pretty sure he was a weirdo.. Do they have special places for weirdo's like him? I think they do.. and if not then I recommend that they build one!

2:) DO YOU COLLECT ANYTHING? ~This question could take all night.. I collect collections.. Including~ tea sets; dolls; books; bottles; chickens; patterns for all different crafts; shot glasses; sea shells; sharks teeth; cast iron skillets; cake pans; wind chimes; weird yard ornaments; video games; miniatures; and believe me the list goes on and on and on. I had a guests this week-end who asked me if I knew how much money I had tied up in stuff.. I laughed at him.. Most of this stuff I have had for years and years and years.. Did I say years? I have dolls that were mine when I was 4 years old.. Years and more years.. Yes I collect anything!

3:) Mashed Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes?
~ I like both .. I like Mashed potatoes with anything meaty.. Meatloaf or fried chicken.. Steak or pork chops.. I like sweet potatoes fried like french fries or baked with butter. I also love them baked and then mashed and served with melted marshmallows. Now I want some french fries... I know I'm weird.. french fries wasn't even a choice!

4:) ~Have you ever cooked dinner or any other meal naked? If not, would you? ~ I'm going to answer this and maybe just maybe no one in my family will fall down and have a fit.. Yes I have... I have done lots of things naked.. Cooking naked is not wise especially if you are frying anything at all. Grease does not care what it lands on when it pops out of a pan. It will burn stuff you forgot you had.. Cook with at least a shirt on.. Naked has it's on time and place.. My kitchen isn't the time or place.. it only took me once to figure that out.. Now the bathroom is a great place for naked.. there are lots of things to do there too; like brush your hair or read a book.. you could always bathe and dry off and put on your clothes.. I don't do laundry naked either or garden.. I think I swept naked once though..

5. In what ways, if any, are you superstitious? ~ Who me? You don't want to know all the ways I am superstitious... You will be going out the very same way you came into my house.. if you climbed in a window.. I do not care if you fall climbing out.. I can give you names for this one. You will not sweep dirt out of any of my doors after dark.. You will not wash clothes on New Years day... if a black cat runs in front of my car I will make x's for everyone riding in my car.. There are way to many for me to name them all.. yea I am a tiny bit superstitious.. I know it's a sign of weirdness.. I guess maybe I am weird!

6:) Do you look people in the eye when talking? Does it bother you when people don't make eye contact during conversation?~ I look people in the eye when I am talking to them.. If someone doesn't look me in the eye I don't trust what they are saying.. Some people look all over the place and up at the sky.. I always feel like they are making things up as they go.. After all what could they be looking at the sky for? Is there some invisible person up there helping the person tell me a story?? Who is making it up? the one telling it or the one I can't see.. floating up there somewhere? I think it's weird and it annoys me to no end!! So my answers to these two questions would be yes and yes!

7:) Have you ever faked static, loss of cell phone reception or anything else on the telephone line to get out of a conversation?~ No I haven't.. I have had it done a few times to me though when My children or at least one in particular didn't like the truth I was telling them... They will of course deny this fact although I knew it even as they pulled the stunt.. I on the other hand would simply say good by and hang up on a person if I hated what they were saying.. I wouldn't do that to my Mom.. or to one of my children I would always hear them out even if I didn't agree... I would find it just too weird to say "what? I can't hear you.. Huh? hello? hello? hello?" CLICK! But I guess it must work for some people.. Maybe they are weird!

That is it for another Weird Wednesday! Tonight's questions weren't too bad.. At least the ones I chose weren't. I did answer the naked ones too so I should get some weirdness points for those..I bet Y'all don't know that I can be delightfully weird at times. But then again I can't share all my secrets with everyone all at once.. I hope you have a wonderfully weird night!


Sunshine said...

Patsy, these are weird questions!
Let me reflect for a moment...
shopping and cooking in your birthday suit, collecting, mashed potatoes, superstitious, static on a cell phone...Have you been following me? Just kidding! You made me laugh tonight and I really needed it! Thanks!

Pblacksaw said...

sunshine~ If I made one person laugh my work here is done! I am glad to have been funny tonight.. Thanks for visiting my blog.. have a wonderful day!