Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wow I won an Award!

Wow I wasn't expecting to be awarded.. Thanks to
the Boomers from Ask I am awed.
The rules for this award say that I should tell seven things I love
and then pass this award to seven Creative bloggers..
Here goes my seven things..

1:) Books- I have then everywhere.. I have shelves full and stacks in almost every room. I have read all of these I really need some new books!

2:) Animals~ I really love animals from my chickens and dogs to fish and wild creatures in the zoo. It's time for a trip to the zoo..

3:)Camping~ I really like camping. Most people think they might like to try it.. I love it.. I have even camped in my own home town park when the kids were younger. They love camping too.
Dave and I have both been itching for a camping trip.

4:) Music~ I love all music.. I have evn been known to dance a step or two if it's real good music.

5:) the Beach ~ I love to see the waves break across the sand. I love to search through the broken shells hoping to find the very perfect one....

6:) Coffee ~ I love coffee I drink it from morning till very late at night.. sometimes I carry a cup with me to bed!

7:) My family! I love my family.. my kids.. My husband.. My Mom... My siblings.. I love them all.. I can't even imagine life without one of them..

Now for the seven bloggers I am passing this on too... I have chosen the following people because I visit their blogs and love them too!


Thanks again for this award! I will try to always be Kreative!


PJ said...

thank you for the award, i will try and get that done today.

Angel said...

Thank you so much for the award. I appreciate it!
Take care:)

Lilysgramma said...

Thanks Patsy for the award (obviously I found your blog hehe). I will post it as soon as I can!