Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday's Can you guess what this is?

“A dream is the bearer of a new possibility, the enlarged horizon, the great hope.”
~ Howard Thurman

“Wisdom is knowing what to do next; Skill is knowing how to do it, and Virtue is doing it”
~ David Starr Jordan

"If you don't want anyone to know it. don't do it!" ~ Chinese Proverb

Hi Friends and everyone else who might be here sneaking around! Today is Tuesday and I wonder if you can tell me what My picture is of today? Can you tell me what it is called? Can you tell me what it is used for? Do you have one of these?

I don't have one myself but I enjoyed the one my Mama had when I was a little girl. I didn't know what it was.. but I was sure that it was something special.. It is made of clear glass and has holes in it. I would set my Bright colored cat eye marbles on it to display my favorite ones. It was the perfect size for the small sample lipsticks that the Watkins woman would sometimes give to us from the trunk of her car when she came to sell flavoring and spices to Mama. I would stand them in the holes and sit it on my dresser until I used all of the tiny lipsticks. Reuben would use it as a paper weight in our closet office to hold down important papers that he kept straight for me. We didn't know what it was back then.. we didn't know what it was for.. We would hold it up to the sunlight and squint as the rainbow colors burst from the holes.. We didn't know what it was..but it was a wonderful thing.. what ever it was.. I tried wearing it around my neck with a red ribbon pulled through one of the holes but that soon made my neck tired and I took it off and put it back into my office for safe keeping. I'm not sure when the wonderful glass beauty got away from me. I guess when I got married it got left behind in my room. I saw it at Mama's house many times over the years... She told me what it really was and what it was used for.. But it was hers and she wouldn't give it to me... I'm pretty sure it belonged to her Mother before her... I would love to know where Mama's are now.... They aren't where she thought they were.. She actually had two of them.. the one that I kept hidden for years and the other one... a smaller one... Maybe some of my siblings has it now and don't realize that it should be here with me... I still have marbles to display and important papers to hold down... I gave up on lipstick years ago but I think I might be able to wear it on a new red ribbon at least for a little while. I could hold it up to the sun and Mason and I could squint as the rainbow of colors burst from the holes... I might even use it for what it really is intended to be used for..

It is NOT a marble display stand.. Nor a paper weight... It is NOT a glass bench for a Barbie doll Nor a thing to be worn about the neck with a red ribbon.. It was NEVER meant to hold Lipsticks in bold colors and it was never any of the million things Reuben and I pretended it was.
It is actually a simple and useful thing. Maybe YOU know what it is.. Maybe you know what it is called.. Maybe you even know where Mama's are? Please give it a guess.. Maybe you can be the one to Know what today's item is! Please leave me a comment with your guess and I'll comment tomorrow with the correct answer... I'll bet someone out there knows what it is... Is that someone you??? Have a great day!


Big Time said...

You are too funny!! I don't know where mama's are but I am sure they hopped away by now. I used the same one to hold marbles too. However, the picture is of an Antique Floral Frog used not for marbles but for arranging flowers. That is a good one. Love you. Reuben

Sunshine said...
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Sunshine said...

Wow Patsy! You seem to always amaze me! You took me back quite a few years. I remember seeing those at my grandma's house and especially at church! I played with them too. I don't think I ever used them as a paper weight, but I am sure it would make a good one. I really don't know the real name for it, so I will leave that to someone else. I really hope you find your mama's one day or someone admits to having them.

Pblacksaw said...

Big time~ I should have known that you had figured out what it was really for by now.. I guess you wouldn't keep marbles or lipstick on one now then.. Mama's are missing. I already asked for the one I had back.. We thought we knew where they were but they have grown legs and have run away..

Sunshine~ I bet a lot of people have seen them and even used them for other things when they were kids. I was grown before I knew they were for arranging flowers. They are called floral frogs but they came in many shapes and sizes.
I even saw one on Ebay that was a chicken- floral frog.. It sold last night for well over 500$. It was fancy though.. I have seen turtles and even a pig as well.. I'm thinking I will start collecting them. I had hoped to start with Mama's but apparently someone else already helped them to HOP away!

Have a great day!

askcherlock said...

I did recognize this, Patsy. I used to have an antique shop so I got to know about a lot of items from bygone eras. Before eBay hit it big, I sold some antiques on there as a side business. I once put an antique vase on for one dollar and labeled it "Very Ugly Vase!" The bids were good, though and I had fun. :)