Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday?! Ok What is it???

"Truth maybe stranger than fiction, but fiction is truer."
~ Frederic Raphael

"I write fiction because it's a way of making statements I can disown."
~ Tom Stoppard

"Fiction writing is great. You can make up almost anything."
~ Ivana Trump

"Get you facts first, and then you can distort 'em as much as you please. "
~ Mark Twain

Today's riddle is more of a why is it than a what is it. As you can see, it is a tree with a brick wall built inside of it. It is a live Oak tree. It is just one of many trees that have brick walls inside of them.
When my children first saw them they were frightened of them. Walking along you can see some that come to the ground like the ones pictured here and others that might be way up high in a tree. They really are a little scary to see being that they are all in the cemetery of some very old Church ruins. It also doesn't help that vandals tried to open all the above ground vaults many years ago and damaged most of them. So to be walking around and spot these trees near Vaults with tilted and broken tops is indeed the stuff you might expect to see in an old Horror film or read about in a murder in the dark mystery book. Cooper and his Friend even knocked and called out is anybody home on one of our stops there. We Love this place.. We have to pass it on our way to the beach. It's a good spot to stop and stretch your legs for a minute and maybe have a cool drink from the hand pump. I have been going there ever since I was a child. My children have been going there for a long time too. Dave doesn't mind stopping there for a few minutes and even agreed to stand by the tree for me but he really isn't interested in being anywhere near this place at night he says..

I would have loved to have seen this Church in her early years. Even as Ruins it is a peaceful and touching place. There are many rumors of ghosts here. I haven't seen one that I was certain was a ghost. I did see what I thought was a Mennonite woman there a few years ago standing by a child's grave. She appeared to be doing the same thing I was and just reading the headstones. She stood there a long time with her head down and I honestly thought she was saying a prayer. It was only after she walked through the gate and was gone that I remembered that there were no cars parked outside the gate. I hurried to the gate and peered up and down the long road.. Nothing!!! She was gone!! One of the ghost stories goes that a young woman is often seen at the grave of her child.. She will leave through the gate and disappear. She is also supposed to wear a brown dress. I can't for the life of me remember rather the Woman I saw was wearing brown or some other dreary drab color. Was she a ghost? I would like to say YES!! but I can't swear it was a ghost. It could have been a fast walking in an ugly long dress Mennonite woman who had a car hidden somewhere outside the gate..... Spooky Huh?!

These pictures were made at a place called Old Sheldon Church! It is the ruins of a Church that was first burned during the revolutionary War and then burned again By Sherman on his Trek to the sea. The walls refused to fall and to this day still stand. Many people choose this spot for weddings and other celebration and it isn't rare to ride by and see people picnicking here.

Today's questions is not what it is; it isn't where is it either. Today's question if you would like to offer a guess is Why are these trees bricked up? What purpose does it serve to have bricks laid in the hollow of a tree? Does anyone know? Do you think there are boogies bricked up inside these trees? Did someone with a stack of bricks and some spare time just get bored? I'd like to hear your response to these questions.. Tell me what you think.. Cooper and Emily used to think there were boogies bricked up there . I'm pretty sure their older brother told them that. I'm also almost sure that I might have told Anthony that so I guess it's all my fault.. I have actually looked into the reasons for there being bricks in the trees. There are a couple of reasons in fact. Do you have any idea why this was done? would you like to make a guess? Please leave me a comment with your answer. And I will leave a comment tomorrow with the reasons I was able to find! Who knows; Maybe there really are boogies bricked up in those trees! Have a great day!


Sunshine said...

Let's see! I have only been there once and here is my guess...

The bricks are in the trees because the people sealed up the hole to keep the critters out and diseases...they do not want the trees to die. I need to go back and visit this place. It was busy with a wedding when I got to go there.

How did I do Patsy?

Big Time said...

I have to agree with Sunshine today. I think she is right about fighting disease and wanting to protect the trees. If the tree is not protected in this way it would die and some of these trees are hundreds of years old. Love you. Reuben

PJ said...

after watching the world without people, i think that the bricks were there first and the trees grew around and through them. just a guess.

askcherlock said...

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Pblacksaw said...

sunshine~ you are right.. they bricked the hollows up to keep out animals and bees. The live Oak tree will continue to grow and seal the hollow. also the tree would be weaker where the hollow is so the bricks give back the strength to that spot. You did good! I still think there are boogies in those trees though!

Big Time~ they are at least hundreds of years old.. They say the one in my yard is over 200 years old.. that's what the tree people that work for the electric company told us..

PJ~ I want to see that.. you may be right..

Askcherlock~ thanks for the award I will visit your sight shortly!

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Have a wonderful day!