Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday is Here and with it~ Some advice for the "Children!"

"Never advise any one to go to war or to marry." ~ Spanish Proverb

"You should not live one way in private, another in public." ~ Publius Syrus

"Write down the advice of him who loves you, though you like it not at present."
~ English Proverb

Hello "children"! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. I have had a most amazing week this week for a change. It has rained a couple of times and that meant I didn't have to water everything.. I have a lot of thirsty stuff as all of "My children" know so I love rain..
I know most of you are here for the laughs so I'll get right on to the advice for this week!

1:) ~ Invest in Memories! ~ I guess it is fine if you have millions to spend to go out and buy expensive gifts.. I was never so lucky myself.. Instead of spending a lot of money on a night out.. try a night out, under the stars! .. spread a blanket on the ground and make some tasty picnic food.. something cold to drink.. a pillow for each person you invite... (this is great for both dating couples and for those of you who have children~) After a meal with the night time nature sounds for background music.. invite everyone to lay back and watch the stars.. Make a pinkie wish if you want too. Talk quietly to each other.. snuggle! Go to the park and people watch.. laugh at the antics of others.. vote on the most outrageous outfit you see there.. By a postcard of the places you visit instead of an expensive but cheaply made trinket.. write about what made the day special on the back... Memories will outlast all of the trinkets. And when it's all said and done and you have a yard sale... you will only get a quarter for that rubber snake you paid $5.99 for at the beach... But the cheap scrapbook full of post cards will still entertain the "kids" when their own kids send it with them to the Nursing home 60 years from now! :~)

2:) ~ It's always darkest before the dawn. ~No matter how dark and dreary things seem to be the sun will rise in the morning and things always look different after a few nights of being slept on.. Bad times have to pass.. They don't like you any more than you do them it's just that we each have to have a turn of them.. Yes it's always darkest before the dawn... so if you want to steal your neighbors newspaper or bury your treasure in the back yard.. Just before dawn is the time I would choose!! :~)

3:)~ Use common sense.~ If a sign says wet paint you don't need to touch it! Fire is hot! Try to remember the simple things.. If a man has ten million degrees from different colleges and doesn't know to come in from a rain shower before lightening strikes him... then he is still an idiot! I could have used the money spent educating him to buy my kids one of those rubber snakes at the beach... Or maybe I could have went out for a decent supper once in a while instead of laying on the ground in the back yard!! Book sense is great.. But common sense will feed you when times get tough! :~(

4:)Be Organized!~ “A place for everything and everything in its place” is every organizer’s favorite saying.. I do admit that when things are in their place a space is much less cluttered and looks better. You could spend a million dollars on fancy organizers and shelving units. Or you can wait til just before dawn.. (when it's darkest) and swipe some milk crates from behind your local store.. Better yet you can ask for them.. most places will share! or sell them to you for next to nothing.. You can stack them up like Lego blocks and use them for neat shelves... you can sit on them if you don't own a chair.. they make great laundry baskets.. Even if it's just an empty shoebox to toss clutter into.. Once the lid is in place no one sees what a mess the inside of the box is.. I even saw a bedside table made from shoe boxes filled with junk ; stacked and then an old mirror recycled from a medicine cabinet laid on top.. It was the perfect size for the alarm clock and candle that sat there.. ;~)

5:)~ It's okay to be wrong. I think everyone has been wrong sometimes.. I remember once that I was wrong.. At least once.. I hate to hear someone say.. "Why am I always wrong?" as if it's my fault they are wrong.. No one is ALWAYS wrong.. but sometimes you are wrong.. when you are and I am around I will most likely tell you that you are wrong.. Please don't ask me~ "why am I always wrong" .. Use your common sense..It's OK to be wrong.. it's not OK to make me feel like I a heel because you made a mistake.. When you are wrong just go ahead and say you're sorry.. then we can both move on to something else.. :~(

~ Bonus~ A riddle~

What has a foot on each side and one in the middle?

Please leave me a comment if you know the answer to the riddle or even if you just want to say you laughed.. Or maybe you have advice for me?? I hope you have enjoyed your advice for today. I hope you have laughed or maybe even just smiled while reading here. No matter what problems may be weighing heavy on your shoulders a little laughter will help to lift your spirits.. I have always heard that it's better to laugh than to cry.. Just remember... sometimes you are the statue!! .. sometimes you're the pigeon!!! I hope that you are most often the pigeon! Have a great day!


PJ said...

i really like "invest in memories". you have given me some wonderful ideas that don't cost anything.

i find that i tell myself quite a lot that this too shall pass. actually, i just told my son that last week.

i have met quite a few of those "idiots" that think they are so smart, until they get caught in the rain...hehehe

i am a very firm believer that if you put things where they belong you will always know where it is at. i don't know how people don't get that. kind of goes along with the common sense one.

#5 is my favorite, especially the last line. "When you are wrong just go ahead and say you're sorry.. then we can both move on to something else."

great advice once again. i don't find the advice funny though, i find it very true. sorry i didn't laugh about that, but your riddle, i haven't got a clue, and i am sure i am going to laugh at that one. have a great weekend patsy!

WillOaks Studio said...

Your riddle?! A yardstick!! And thanks for the great post, too....

Pblacksaw said...

PJ~ I truly believe that any investment in memories is a food one as long as the memories are good.. I was as single mom of three for a few years between husbands... so I know a lot about living cheap!

Willoaks Studio~ You are right.. It is a yardstick! I am glad you enjoyed the post!

I hope all heave a wonderful day!