Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday is here yet again.. do you know what I have?

"It's a wonderful feeling when your father becomes not a god but a man to you, when he comes down from the mountain and you see he's this man with weaknesses. And you love him as this whole being, not as a figurehead." ~Robin Williams

"Is the glass half full, or half empty? It depends on whether you're pouring, or drinking."
~ Bill Cosby

"Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance." ~ Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr.

Hi and welcome to another Tuesday in my world.. I do have an item for you to try and identify and I am sure someone will know what it is.. I thought I knew what it was.. I was wrong.. I have watched this item in my best friends house for many many years and wanted it.. I'm not sure why I wanted it but I did.. Some times when I visited her I asked her if I could have it yet and she always said " No, I need it for Temple! You No can have!" Then she would shake her head at me and Add.. " One day you have! Not today!" I quit asking about five years ago.. I still wanted it but I figured I would never
have it so I didn't want to be a pest.. She and I have played the can I have game for so many years now..

I first met her when I was newly married and sixteen.. she was well into her first marriage but new to American and twenty four.. she became my best friend.. My almost sister.. my protector!
I became her first American friend.. her "American Sister", her translator.. ( No I don't speak Thai!) Even though we spoke different languages.. we often finished each others sentences.. She would often say " what word I trying to say?" and somehow I would answer with the right word..

If she comes to my house and sees something she likes she usually leaves with it.. Sometimes I leave with what I want too; but with this item she always said 'NO!"... until today!

Early this morning she called because her lawn mower simply wouldn't crank.. she had pulled it enough times to sweat she explained " and still it never crank up!" She said she had cut with it yesterday and could a lawn mower break itself while it rested since yesterday? I will admit I smiled but I never laugh at her.. she is way to dear to me for that.. I knew she was leading up to her husband having died; ~ mine was now her nearest "sister's" Husband.. You see I have heard it so many times before.. Glancing at the clock to see if Dave could squeeze in a lawn mower repair project before his night shift I told her we would be over in about ten minutes... Then I went to break the news to him.. he gathered up a few tools and away we went.. (Yes! I know how lucky I am to have a wonderful; "Nearest sisters" .. husband!!) He never complains.. just gathers tools and away we go..

Dave was outside in the sweltering heat working on her cranky lawn mower and she was peeking out the window at him snickering as she informed me that he was "speaking to the lawn mower!" I watched her and wondered why she was reaching her hand up towards my much wanted basket.. I was simply dumbfounded when she handed it to me and said.. "today you carry with you..You my nearest sister!" She then told me about how she brought it with her from her country.. so many years ago and how she had had it so many years before that and " now she give to me.. You take care!".. She told a few funny tales of when she herself had used it in Thailand.. way back when she was a girl.... I didn't argue with her.. I just put it inside my big pocket book so that maybe if she didn't see it she wouldn't change her mind!!

What is this beautiful basket for? I am sure someone out there knows.. maybe you have one too.. It is not used for what I thought it was for.. But is is a very useful item.. Do you know what it's for? Please leave me a comment and share with me if you have one or if you have ever used one.. Maybe you just want to say hi and a comment can do that too....

I will treasure it forever.. I will most likely never use it for it's intended purpose.. Then again.. who knows maybe one day I might! You never can tell about us "nearest sisters"... we might do anything! Have a great day!

Update!~ The basket is not a rice steamer.. In fact I myself thought it was a steamer for all these years as I have seen it and a larger one like it hanging in my friend's kitchen.. I finally asked yesterday what I was getting.. when she gave it to me.. This basket is a sticky rice serving basket... sticky rice being a certain kind of rice that is most often eaten by Thai people..Sticky rice is a staple in Northern Thailand and Northeastern Thailand where people eat it instead of long grain rice. Sticky rice is eaten with your hands. Many people roll it into little balls and dip into sauces.. The hand woven bottom basket holds the rice and the lid is another hand woven basket that fits over the bottom basket and is held together with red cord. The top basket is tucked under the bottom section to elegantly serve rice. Steamed rice will not stick to the rattan basket and the rattan actually adds a nice flavor to the rice. The rice steamer she uses looks like a spittoon with a straw hat on top of it.. As for the questions about why she would need it to take to Temple~ She has for years told me wonderful stories of going to temple every morning when she was a little girl.. How the people would bring food so the Monks could bless it and then also to feed the Monks who would pray all day.. Thoi was a bit of a rebel and would often get weary of waiting for the huge bells to ring for the people to eat.. After the Monks were fed the other food would be eaten by everyone else.. She talks about how poor people would gather there and that she knew that was sometimes their only meal of the day.. Apparently she had a soft spot for the children and would often times sneak into the Temple and with a nod from who I am assuming to be "the Head Monk in charge".. She would run and jump onto the rope and swing back and forth ringing the huge bells some times as much as an hour or more early.. she would then climb up in the bell tower to watch as the people hurried from great distances to the Temple.. wondering how they had been so off with the time.. She says the basket she gave to me was her own.. when she was a child.. she told me to~ "think of it as a box like today bad children take to school..." From her wonderful stories I believe that Thai Temple was and is not just a Church but a place where families and communities gather for many reasons.. She still carries food when she goes to Temple.. I do know they have many strict rules as to how you dress and behave while there.. Children can learn how to play musical instruments, dance and learn the Thai language; and history.. Families and friends can gather and eat and be with others who speak their own language..
I am glad everyone enjoyed My new what is it Item.. thanks to everyone who played along.. Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Is it for toting offerings to temple? I love Thoi (sp?) She's GRAND!! Am I still yellow hair girl?

Sunshine said...

I love your story today Patsy. I enjoy the everyday stories the best! You are blessed to have a husband to share with your best friend in her time of need. Glad you finally got this special basket. Here is my guess...
Is it a bamboo steamer for rice? Why would she need it for church though? I just don't know!

PJ said...

i have no idea what that little basket is used for. i love the story about it though. you are a really great friend to her and her gift to you of that basket is something that i'm sure you will cherish for the rest of your days.

Pblacksaw said...

Heifer wanna be~ You will always be yellow hair girl.. Be grateful.. not all of her names are as nice.. For instance she calls Emily ~ Baby fat ass~ because she looks like Thoi's arch enemy~ the ex~ who has always been known to her as " dirty rotten no good Fat ass".. Dave began as "bony butt" but has sense achieved the rank of "brother cause my nearest sister keep you"..

Sunshine~ You did have the closest guess even though Camella also guessed the same thing.. I will post an update to the blog on what it really is.. and why she needed it for Temple..

Pj~ she is my dearest friend.. I have a great many friends but none quite like her.. She has given me many things over the years but a few are really special.. I will most likely never use the basket- but I will always treasure it..

Thanks to all who guessed both here and on face book.. Have a wonderful day!