Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Welcome to Weird Wednesday!

"If you can't annoy somebody, there's little point in writing." ~ Kingsley Amis

"A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs, jolted by every pebble in the road. " ~ Henry Ward Beecher

"It is only one step from the sublime to the ridiculous." ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

Hello to everyone who has been eagerly waiting on another weird Wednesday!.. What??? No one was waiting? Wow! Wouldn't I feel weird if really no one was waiting see just how weird I could be??? I hope that there is no one who would actually wait on my post.. I might get all weird and not post for a few days.. what would happen then? Would they just keep waiting? Would they go away and eat some pizza while they waited? Would they go away and not come back? OK enough of me being weird.. Lets get right down to the questions and answers.. those should be weird enough!

1:)~ Would you rather always get first dibs or the last laugh?~ when we were kids Jimmy was always hollering dibs over something.. if we were going somewhere it was dibs on the seat by the door.. or dibs on the front seat.. if we were grilling out by the pool it was dibs on the first hamburger or hot dog.. about the only time he wasn't yelling dibs was when Mama said " honey I'll pay you a quarter.." and Daddy said "line up to get your butt cut" .. then Jimmy didn't want to be anywhere in the first of the line when Daddy was freshest.. I never got first dibs on anything. If Jimmy didn't get dibs then Frank did.. they were both pretty quick with their dibs...
I don't really know if I ever got the last laugh either till I was really grown.. I have gotten the last laugh a few times since I was older.. The first time Mason peed on Anthony I got the last laugh.. I tried to explain how to change him so that wouldn't happen.. I got.. "Mama I KNOW what I am DOING!".. OK.. go ahead then big boy.. I even laughed right out at him as he tried to wipe it off his new shirt.. with his hand.. while the baby continued to pee on him.. then he covered it with a diaper and had pee on the bed and the child's clothes.. everywhere..( But he did learn and is a great Dad!) ~ My kids have all been good for some last laughs.. I am chuckling even now as I sit here alone in my weird little space and relive all of my last
laughs..MUHhahahahahahaa!! Yep! I'll take last laughs always.. Weird as it may sound first dibs aren't all they seem to be sometimes.. But he who laughs last~ laughs loudest!!!!

2:) ~Have you ever had an imaginary friend? ~ I guess it's weird being that I have such an imagination.. but I never had an imaginary friend.. I had so many siblings and so many other real children around that maybe I never needed an imaginary one.. Our Cousin Frances had one and he would cry if you sat on Tater.. Yes it's name was Tater!.. I know it's weird.. but he believed in Tater... Heck we even believed in Tater... we got a few whippings for deliberately sitting on Tater to make Frances cry... I wonder where Tater is now? I wonder if Fran ever thinks about Tater.. I think about Tater and he wasn't even my friend.. I couldn't see him though once I smelled him when Fran said Tater farted!.. It was weird but it didn't smell like an imaginary fart! It smelled like the real thing! I wonder if I'm too old for an Imaginary friend now?? It would be soooo weird! So much fun .. you could fart and say they did it.. just point to an empty chair and say Bogus did it.. In fact I like the idea.. I might get me a new friend.. Will Y'all think I'm weird?

3:) ~ Which is a stronger emotion: anger or love? I'd like to say Love.. I even think it should be love.. But you know for some weird reason.. anger can blind you to love.. or maybe it's that Love makes your anger so much stronger because you feel that a person you love shouldn't hurt you...shouldn't make you angry... I will admit that I am easy to anger sometimes.. some mornings I wake up angry.. I'm not even sure what I'm angry at.. I even think sometimes that I am just angry at myself.. then I realize how weird that is and figure I'm just angry in advance for something some one will do later in the day! Usually in my case though.. no matter how angry I get.. I still love the people who I do love... I think my love is hard to kill... I love people who have done me wrong.. I forgive and move on because I don't like to carry anger with me.. I guess I'm weird but anger can't hurt the other person.. they don't care or they wouldn't have hurt you to begin with.. Be weird like me and love everybody... My Motto is this~ Love Many! Trust a few! Harm None!....

4:) ~ Would you prefer the lights on or off during sex? ~ Somehow I knew there would be a sexual question on here.. My Kids won't think this is funny.. they think sex is too weird for old people like me.. ( is 49 old?) Maybe we can get a clapper and then we can take turns clapping when our hands are free and have flashing lights.. Or better yet I know where they are building a road... they have some yellow flashers set up there... maybe you will run and get us one for our bedroom???? Is this an overhead light or a lamp? .. maybe a lamp with a small watt bulb.. how about a night light? Can we maybe light some candles? .. some scented ones would be nice I think..Maybe we could just put a flash light under the pillow.. just in case you know... . I might like to see where something is.. I might even like to see ..... never mind just cut the lights off I know where all my parts are..

5:) ~
What do you have handy at your bedside?~ What a weird question.. I don't have a flash light.. I do have a lighter even though I no longer smoke.. I use it to light incense sticks and candles.. I do have both of those right by the bed too..You know just in case Tater ( the imaginary friend of my cousin) was to come visit and fart in my bedroom.. I also have my Bible there and My medicines that I take each night just before bed.. I always take with me a bottle of cold water from the fridge and sometimes I take something else to drink too.. I drink a lot.. Weird as it may sound I drink all night too.. I wake up and drink and go back to sleep.. I dream weird stuff and get thirsty.. I have even had to go after the second bottle of water before.. I also have a pen and a notebook there.. and a pencil.. I dream stuff and will wake up and write it down sometimes..I know Y'all think I'm weird so I don't mind telling you that I am weird.. really and truly.. I have woke up before and had a poem in my mind and wrote it right down while still in my bed.. then took a drink of water and went right back to sleep.. then the next morning I looked at the notebook and for a second wondered who wrote that?.. that was a weird feeling.. but it was my hand writing so I know it was just me being weird and not a ghost or anything really weird like that.. I don't think the ghosts here can write.. they never leave me notes.... I also have a stack of paper backs that I have already read and need to swap with someone.. and an Inhaler.. Wow you are nosy tonight! Now I wonder what you have beside your bed.. how weird is that???

OK all done with the weird questions.. who writes these things? Weirdos?? Y"all would be surprised at how many Internet sights there are simply devoted to weird questions.. I have been to a million of them and haven't even scratched the surface yet.. I am telling Y'all that this world has some truly weird people in it.. YES!! Weirder than ME!!! weirder than YOU!!! Weirder than me and you put together.. They make up these questions and every Wednesday I like a weirdo go and answer them.. or at least the ones that I think won't kill my Mom and my Kids! I hope you laughed at me tonight.. I had a few laughs myself thinking about the time tater farted and about the time Mason Peed on Anthony... I love to laugh.. I love to make others laugh too.. If you laughed tonight even if it was a weird laugh.. then I have accomplished much! Leave me a comment !!! Have a great night!!!!


Big Time said...

Hey Patsy,

You are not so weird. I remember Tater too even though I never saw him or smelled his farts. I never had an imaginary friend. Like you there were too many real people around to have an imaginary person around. I did have an imaginary horse though. I rode him every where I went. I wish he would come home so, I could ride him some now.

The sex question was T.M.I. for me. You have got to keep that stuff to yourself.

You did make me laugh so, your job is done. I love you! Reuben

PJ said...

oh you made me laugh all right! the minute i read about mason peeing on his father. LOL! my son peed on his dad too! that was flippin hilarious! he deserved it. and the tater fart, i bout spit on the screen. my husband was like, what are you laughing at. LOL! i would also take last laughs, and no i haven't had an imaginary friend.

i like the idea of a strobe light effect while having sex. hmmm, gives me an idea.

thanks for the weirdness patsy, you're the best!

Pblacksaw said...

Big Time~ I am glad you remember Tater.. I was thinking on maybe inviting all those forgotten imaginary friends to come live here with me and Dave.. we have some extra room now..

Pj~ I am glad you enjoyed the post.. I am happy to make people laugh.. You should let your husband read here too then he can laugh too.. Laughter is good for what ails ya!

Have a great day!