Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Wednesday and YES !! ~ I'm still weird!!!

"Know what's weird? Day by day, nothing seems to change. But pretty soon, everything is different." ~ Bill Watterson

"It seems everyone in Hollywood is getting pinched, lifted and pulled. I'm looking weird because I'm not." ~ Robert Redford

"Yesterday's weirdness is tomorrow's reason why." ~ Hunter S. Thompson

How weird has your day been? My day hasn't been so very weird yet today.. But it's Wednesday and I'm sure something weird will sneak up on me before the day ends... I can almost promise that each and every one of today's questions will be weird.. My Answers will be weird.. I did try a weird new recipe today.. Apples and cabbage.. cooked together and seasoned with a little bacon grease.. Sounds weird doesn't it? Dave gave me a really weird look as I sliced the apples into the frying pan with the cabbage.. " You do know that~ Umm~ Umm~ that is cabbage right?" I just smiled at him.. I know it sounds weird.. I thought so too the very first time I had it.. Try it if you ever have a head of cabbage and a few apples that all need to be cooked before they ruin..Or even make a trip to the store with this dish in mind.. Sometimes weird is Good! I'm a weird Mother.. a weird writer and now a weird Cook! I never stop reaching new heights of weirdness.. Now on to the weird questions for today..

1:)~ What was a “fad” you remember from your childhood? I don't actually remember a "fad" from my childhood.. well there was the weird and ugly go go boots that weren't really boots at all but just Patent leather things like socks that went in regular shoes.. Mama bought all of us girls a pair of those when she saw them at K-Mart in Charleston.. I was laughed almost OUT of the fifth grade when I wore mine to school.. I am sure they had Fads back then but we were kept pretty close to home.. we didn't have much time for Fads.. There was a fad that I did become aware of when I was about eleven years old.. David came home one day with a big piece of red cloth and sat down at the sewing machine.. He split his pants legs open up to the knee and cut huge triangles from his bright red cloth.. he then sewed the material into the split making a gored leg on his pants.. I loved it.. He had several pair.. He might think it too weird to admit now but I loved him and his super coolness back then.. he was always stylish.. a weird style for sure but he was up to date! I looked and looked for some material to make myself a pair of those super cool gored legged pants.. Finally one day Mama came home with a big sack full of bright and cheerful new kitchen curtains.. The old ones were a few years old and a couple of them were even a little faded... I was going to miss those old curtains with the bright colored chickens and the wide yellow checked ruffles.. Suddenly as I helped hang new curtains I came up with a wonderful weird idea.. I was almost afraid to mention it to mama.. but since she had planned to throw the old curtains away anyway.. she agreed to my plan.. I went to school the next morning in my own weird creation of gored pants.. wide yellow ruffled gores filled the split from ankle to almost hip.. twin roosters decorated the butte of my old jeans.. with-in a week all of my friends and even a few enemies were wearing gored legged .. pants.. None were weird enough to use chicken curtains but everyone loved mine.. Everyone except my Grandma Morris.. she saw them and had a fit.. She tried to make Daddy burn my wonderful pants.. she said I'd be a rooster myself if I wore them.. That was so weird.. I didn't even know what that meant.. Mama said I could keep them and wear them.. I wish I still had my pants.. I'm pretty sure I wore them out.. I'm also sure that if I had tried that before David made his pants I would have been labeled weird.. I mighta even got a whipping.. he could get away with stuff.. Thanks David for clearing the path for the other seven of us!! Even if the whole world called you weird I'd still say you were the coolest!!

2:)~ If a talking Patsy doll were made, what are THREE phrases it would say?~ How weird it would be to have a talking doll named Patsy! ... Effenbee actually made a whole family of Patsy dolls.. Patsy Ann.. Patsyette.. Patsy JR.. None of them talked and though I have seen them for sale on e-bay.. I don't own one... they are way to rich for my blood.. and to be honest I think they are weird looking.. I am sure there have been other dolls named Patsy offered for sale.. most companies give their dolls common names.. Patsy is considered to be a common name.. I will say though that most people I personally know named Patsy are weird.. and if not truly weird then at least UN-common! Most people who are name Patricia choose other names such as Tricia or Pat .. even Patti.. I am glad mama chose Patsy to call me.. I like being the weird me I have became as Patsy.. Can you really see me as a Tricia or a Patti? Me neither!! And I hate being called Pat! It makes me feel weird.. I don't like it .. don't do it.. Do you think anyone would want a weird doll named Patsy that could talk? She would never shut up.. she would talk the buzzards off of a gut wagon.. ( Jimmy said I could!) She would say way more than three things.. She would say weird stuff like.. (1) " Sometimes ya can't understand.. Just accept.. it's easier that way!" (2) " You can't fool me.. I was fooling fools before you were a wicked gleam in your ugly Daddies eye!" (3) " Don't make me have a killing!" ~ she would also say things like "no food till this puzzle is done.." and "Load up young- uns we're heading to Olar!" and "that's my brother's cousin".. see I told you she would be really weird.. you would never get her to shut up.. she would hide in your closet and learn all of your secrets.. she might even black mail you.. On the other hand she would be a true loving friend as long as you didn't tick her off..

3:)~ Do you think how a person dances gives you a glimpse to how they perform in bed?
Here we go again.. weird sex questions.. I am going to answer this with a simple yes I do..
Maybe my family will neither disown me nor have a stroke.. I am still allowed to think..
and now I will add to my answer by saying that a person to decrepit to dance is most likely also to decrepit for other activities.. I also like to see people dance together when you can see by the tender way they hold each other that they have a deep and abiding love for each other.. It really has little or nothing to do with their sex lives..I enjoy watching others dance and always smile when I see a couple who dance well together.. Call me weird.. I like watching people do a lot of things- even walk..

4:) ~ Describe the ugliest outfit you have ever worn in public. Do y'all remember the weird "Hammer Pants?" On the very first public date Dave and I had... I wore hammer pants.. They were a silky weird.. man- made material.. a deep dark purple.. MC Hammer would have been so proud of me in them..I also wore black silk super high heeled shoes and a many colored.. Striped top in the same weird.. man- made material.. They came together .. I gave a lot of money for those weird and ugly clothes.. We walked in the club and People took notice of us.. He was wearing tight Black jeans and a Purple silk shirt that he borrowed from one of his co-workers..
Both of us had our long hair in a braid.... People turned around and stared at us..I think maybe we were weird... It was a red neck club and we were dressed like pansies.. All that purple had to be weird for red necks.. We are lucky to have survived I guess.. But man when we took to that dance floor.. then those people cleared out and watched us... We were wearing ugly clothes but we danced well together.. We have often had people stop to watch us dance.. either we dance well together or we were just so weird that they had to stand still to take us in?... I think I still have those hammer pants.. Yep!! Ugly!! Ugly!! Ugly!! If you ever need something weird to wear I can Most likely loan you something..

5:)~ Have you ever worn or tried edible underwear? What are your thoughts on it? This is such a weird question.. When Dave and I got married our neighbors all got together and gave us a party.. we didn't get toasters and blenders because we already had all that stuff.. we got weird stuff like jars of cherries and whipped cream .. we each got a set of matching pajama's... and as weird as it may seem we did get some of those edible underwear.. His were boxers and mine were a thong... they were both red .. one was cherry and the other strawberry flavored.... I am going to be perfectly honest even if it is weird.. we came home and opened the packs.. we tasted both pair.. they were nasty and left a weird aftertaste in our mouths.. we balled them up and stuffed them back into their packages and threw them into the trash can.. We brushed our teeth and finished watching a movie that we had paused to go to our wedding shower.. Later that night after he had went home to his trailer across the field.... as I was laying in my bed thinking about the day.. I thought about the fact that my kids would be home early the next morning and I went and got them because I didn't want my kids to ask me why there were underwear in the trash... I know I was being weird.. But Dave and I were careful about our Kids.. I put the edible drawers into several plastic bags and put them back in the trash a day or so later.. I don't have thoughts on edible drawers.. that to me would just be weird.. I wouldn't wear them... I think they would make your butt sticky... that would be weird... and they taste nasty... Maybe I'm just old and a little tiny bit weird but I haven't ever had a thought about edible underwear other than when I was given a pair and just now when you reminded me of that fact.. Now who is weird.. Me or YOU??!

6:)~ When was the last time you went to a carnival and played midway games? Oh man.. I can't say for sure rather it has been two years or three but that was maybe one of the weirdest nights of my entire life.... The carnival was set up in the field that is in front of the airport here in my little town.. Pretty much across the road from my house.. just an easy stroll for us.... I used to be fascinated by carnivals until i worked as clown for the county fair in my early twenties... being considered another worker there I was shown many of the tricks and traps the Carney's use in order to get a person's money.. I always warned my children to ride the rides and pass the games.. they are all rigged.. You can't beat a man at his own game.. weird as it may sound even the little pick up the ducks pond is rigged.. There is only one duck that actually wins anything worth more than a quarter.. and that one duck is very rarely released by a trigger that the Carney can pull without being seen.. They have so many tricks and secrets that it is a total waste of money to even attempt to win a big prize there.... Needless to say the children whined and begged and escaped to the carnival with a few dollars for rides and enough for an elephant ear and a drink.. they all worked so it was their own money.. ( yes they were weird and informed me that it was their money they would be spending!!) They planned to meet a bunch of their friends there and walked away across our field laughing and talking.. Around Eleven O'clock Dave came in and said that he had a yearning for a elephant ear and that after he bathed and dressed and shaved and all the other time consuming things.. we would walk up there and he could get one... By the time he got himself ready and we were walking out the door it was nearly midnight.. I suggested that maybe they would be closed and it might be better to wait till the following day.. He was having none of that.. after all the kids weren't back yet so he was sure they were still open.. He hadn't thought about the possibility that the kids had walked the girl from down the next road over home.. It was late.. Cooper wouldn't let her walk home alone would he?? Dave and I walked down the dirt road and as we crossed the road I realized that the only people I could see moving looked like Carney's to me.. Dave walked right on .. the woman in the cook wagon looked at us like we were weird.. I knew we were in a bad place.. I tried to explain to Dave that after closing the carnival is not a safe place for regular people to hang out.. He didn't want to hear me.. one of the barkers started yelling for him to TRY his LUCK!! and yes My weird husband decided he would do just that.. he gave the man two dollars and then two more.. I had already moved directly behind him so that no one could get to his pockets.. I had learned that while I worked for the carnival myself.. Many of the children who travel with them are superb pick pockets.... then so help me.. Dave asked the Carney if anyone there had change.. I was aware that a crowd had gathered around us and that we were the only two people there who didn't work for them.. I just knew our bodies would never ever be found.. I told Dave that we were leaving right NOW!! It was then that it dawned on him that we were in fact surrounded and he had just showed them that he had money.. He tried to put me in front of him but I was snug against his back pocket and I wasn't moving.. I finally said to them that I knew all the tricks and even named the Carnival owner who I once worked for.. I had recognized the woman in the food wagon even though she had not known me.. I knew that they would know who the man was.... Then I told them to clear a path and even though a few of them still called to Dave to try his Luck again and again.. across the parking lots and the field.. they followed us all the way to the road.. none of them touched us.. when we crossed the road to our own side of the road I thanked GOD for saving us from our own weirdness.... I told Dave right then that I would never go with him to another Carnival... I haven't either.. The children were home and watching TV full of cotton candy and popcorn.. They had ~ just as I thought ~ walked the girl from the next road over home.. Cooper was afraid a Carney might follow her.. He and Emily then came home through the fields.. Their own shortcut.. Let me say that as a rule the people who work for carnivals are not weirdo killers and criminals.. under normal circumstances and during the hours they are open they will not bother you.. but if you are weird enough to come to where they are set up after closing and flash around money.. then they are just weird enough to take your money.. One thing I learned while working for them was that where ever they are.. when the rides stop and the games close down... they are in their own little world.... they live a very different and yes weirder way than most of us do.. It is best not to enter that world unprepared..

Wow.. I made it through another weird Wednesday... I even talked to Trudy and she remembers the weird boot things.. she was smarter than me.. she said she never wore hers..I bet Mary didn't either.. I guess I was the only weird one.. Oh well if Mama and Daddy only raised one weird child they did pretty good and I don't mind being the strange one! At least I am a jolly and sometimes funny weirdo! Have a great day!


clare_stjohns said...

Well first, I LOVE apples and cabbage cooked together, but my granddad (Gigi) was half German and this type of dish is seen a lot in German cooking. Try it with pork chops next time, delish!

As far as fads go... well I've been a victim of many, the shag haircut was a great one and heck I even like my hair when it was spiked back in the eighties... I wish I could have seen those bellbottoms I bet they were something.

PJ said...

i remember those pants! i think they started with those ones that we called "elephant legs" and then someone who couldn't get a pair of those split the seam and sewed in different material. lol

my name is patricia, and i also hate being called pat. that is a guy's name, come on.

i, honestly, have never put dancing and sex together, but it is something to think about.

i have never worn or tried edible underwear. i don't wear any prior to moving here in california i worked at an adult novelty store and have ordered many different kinds of those, but naw, not for me...hehehe.

another great weird wednesday post patsy! thanks for the giggles.

Pblacksaw said...

Clare~ Lord I had the shag and up until a few years ago I had what a lot of people called a mullet.. I don't think mine was really a mullet though..Now It's all the same length and way to long to be either practical or stylish on a woman my age or at least so I am told.. But you do know I march to the beat of a weirdo drummer.. I will try the pork chops with it next time.. I ate way to much of it.. I wish I still had my pants..

PJ~You might be right about how those pants came about.. we couldn't have bought a pair like that.. way more than we could afford.. Take it from me if a man can't swivel his hips on the dance floor.. well never mind you get the idea..hehehe .. than again some men just don't dance..I dated a few of them.. Once!

I am glad I gave a few people some giggles today.. thanks to everyone who visits here!