Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's Weird Wednesday!! Are you ready to laugh?

"He had that rare weird electricity about him - that extremely wild and heavy presence that you only see in a person who has abandoned all hope of ever behaving normally. "
~ Hunter S. Thompson

"A man isn't poor if he can still laugh." ~ Raymond Hitchcock

"You get weird and unsettling behavior in the country." ~ Sara Paretsky

Hi and welcome to weird Wednesday and it's weird questions... I managed to answer eight questions today without feeling to overwhelmingly weird... for some weird reason the web sight that I usually get my questions from hadn't posted any questions today so I had to get these from a couple of other places.. If you have a question.. either weird or even just plain.. I will be glad to answer it on a Wednesday.. Just ask me in a comment and I'll get back to you with my weird answer..

Now on to the wildly weird questions for today!

1:) What sin do you most enjoy committing? ~ Wow! I cold say so many things in response to this question... who gets to decide that it's a sin?.. can we vote to decide rather or not it's a sin?... How do we know what's a sin for you is automatically a sin for me? .. what if I don't know it's a sin?.. Are sins supposed to be enjoyable? They didn't teach me that in Sunday School.. there they said sin was all bad and made you feel sick inside.. I guess if I have to admit to having a sin ... and I'm still not convinced that I do.. I will say eating.. Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins and that is the act of over indulging.. I actually think that could mean over indulging in anything pleasurable and not just food... OK I'll say eating too much.. No way I have time to go into all the rest of my sins on this blog.. and as always I'm sure my kids would rather not know! They would think I was weird if they knew I had sins.. Mom's don't supposed to have sins..

2:) Would you rather be rich and ugly, or Poor and good looking? OK what's up with this? Something weird is going on... I'm poor and ugly and that's not a choice... I'm a tiny bit fluffy too (as in Fat!) and that's not a choice either.. I don't want to be rich or especially good looking.. I'd like to have enough money to live without worrying rather or not the light bill gets paid.. I'd like to be able someday to go grocery shopping and fill two carts and not add it up as I go along...
( maybe I'll fill three and not shop again for a long long time!) Hold on a minute.... I guess I'd rather be poor and ugly since that's what I already am.. and money brings problems I don't need and if I was a beauty queen I might have a stalker or something weird like that.. Can I mix the choices up and just be plain old weird me? .. Good!!!! that's what I want to be!

3:) When was the best time, or what was the best experience, you've had with a sibling? Any time I am with a sibling is usually good times.... I like one on one time with them talking or going for a long walk... I love going hill sliding at what used to be rairoad tracks.. I love it when we play games together at family gatherings.. I am the very; very; all time very; best game maker upper.. Weird huh? who woulda thought?... But it's true.. I make up games and they play them like they are real games.. I once had kids wearing plastic shower caps covered with shaving cream and other kids throwing pretzels at them... no body thought it was weird.. they played and danced and laughed as if it wasn't weird at all.. the winner was who had the most pretzels on their head.. I know it was soooo weird.. I have made them hop like rabbits with a huge beach ball between their legs and have made them sew a whole line of folks together with a big wooden needle.. I have had them hop with a clothes pen on the toe of their shoe and have seen grown men crawl with a child holding their feet.. The picture is of all the nieces and nephews trying to get a chunk of bubble gum from under a pile of whipped topping with no hands.. the entire team had to have a two inch bubble for that team to win.. we had so much fun.....Wow.. I want to make up some new weird games right now.. I love all seven of my siblings... I love their spouses and their children and grandchildren... all times with them are good times.. It would just be way to weird to choose one time and say it was best.

4:) What would it take for you to reconcile with your greatest enemy? call me weird if you want to but there is no reconciliation if you are on my greatest enemy list... you three know who you are.. don't be weird and pretend you haven't done anything... In all honesty I wouldn't really say I have enemies.. at least none that I actually know of.. I'm a great person though and that is usually enough to cause someone to hate you.... and if I do have one or two (three!) then they should know ahead of time that I will get even.. I know.. I'm weird!

5:) What would your heaven be like? Heaven will have flowers and animals.. chickens I guess and dogs and birds of all kinds.. and lots of fish to look at moving in the crystal blue waters.. We will have sand for castles and gentle waves to wash them away each night so that we can build more the next morning as the new sun rises.. There will be fruits and nuts and vegetables to eat .. anytime you are hungry.. I guess I'd say a paradise.. a beautiful garden.. with all our family and friends in their OWN gardens down the beach from mine.. I won't mind if Dave lives in my garden but everyone else needs to plan on having there own.. It would be way to weird for us all to live in the same place again.. Heaven is not weird.. we have our own space there... you can visit my garden and even play in my sand but after that you have to go home to your own beach... I get to decide.. the question said MY HEAVEN...

6:) Do you feel that children should be sheltered from unhappiness? I do.... I will even give you a for instance.. Right now there are three children who are being talked about and gossiped over and there are some things being told that will shake their whole existence to the very core.. Their lives have been weird by most of our standards already and now even who they are and where they came from is being questioned and talked about as if it really matters... I am talking about the three children who knew Michael Jackson as their Dad.. I am sick of all the weird things being said and the speculation over who had them and who did what with whom and where.. These kids just know their Father died.. that's bad enough with out all the weird stuff being said.. Who cares if they were conceived in a clinic or in the backseat of a Cadillac... and why does it matter now.. He was weird.. we all know that.. but still his kids deserve some dignity and they deserve to have some privacy... who's to say that we might have been weird too if every step we took we had to watch for someone with a camera.... I'm weird and no one cares... the catch is that I'm not rich and famous and weird.. then someone would care.. then they would take bets on who my kids belonged too and how much I paid to have someone else have them.. and guess what... in the end.. it still wouldn't matter..

7:) What's one of the simple pleasures in your life? Holding Dave's hand... it's really his habit.. I was never in to the whole weird hand holding thing until I met him.. he will be walking beside you and just reach out and take your hand... it is very comforting and peaceful to walk along holding hands with someone you love... he will take your hand as you walk on the beach or in the woods or even as you walk across the parking lot into Walmart... I used to think it was weird but I guess either it got less weird or I got more weird because now I just think it's a wonderful simple pleasure! It's great to drink coffee with him in the chicken garden too.. Y'all should have been with us yesterday as we chased young hens and then had one crow at us.. it's weird when what you thought was a hen crows at you.. Yesterday was great escape day here.. but that's a story for another day... I guess yesterday was weird Tuesday!...

8:) If you went to a beach and it turned out to be a nude beach, would you stay and go swimming? Would you swim nude? I'm not sure.. it depends on how many weirdo's there were already swimming around naked and their parts bobbing or floating around.. does one's parts float and bob? It would be weird to stay and be the only person there with clothes on but it would be oh so much weirder to be swimming naked with people you don't know.. I might stay long enough to see what naked swimming looked like.. I am not being weird.. I'm being honest.. you know good and well that if you walked on a beach and then discovered that the people there were naked you would look a tiny little bit too.. I might not have my glasses on and then I might not even realize they were naked unless one walked right up to me.. I'm not weird I'm blind without my glasses.. You can say I'm weird but deep down you know you would stay a little while too.. who knows maybe you just thought they were naked... maybe they were changing or something..

Ok there ya go with my weird questions for today! Do you have a weird question that you would like to ask me? I will give you my weird answer if you will post your question in the comments section.. I will answer any questions you ask.. I might not give the answer you expected though! I am weird like that sometimes... I hope that not too many weird things happened today.. Have a great Wednesday!


PJ said...

patsy your heaven sounds glorious...will it be clothing optional?! hehehe

i'm with you in having at least enough money where you don't have to live paycheck to paycheck. i don't care about material things, and i don't care if anyone finds me beautiful. i am what i am, and that is good enough for me. by the way, you are far from being ugly, please don't say that again.

sheltering kids from unhappiness is a tough one. of course we all want children to be happy and carefree, and i do agree with you on mj's children right now. i don't know if i am able to explain my feelings on this. i just believe that in order to fully understand happiness, you have to experience sadness in some aspect.

love your q & a patsy!

Pblacksaw said...

PJ~ I'm thinking there will be no clothes in heaven fig leaves maybe.. we will have moved beyond all sexual aspects of our lives by the time we get there.. so no need to hide anything..hehhehe ..I do agree with you that in order to fully appreciate joy we must also have some sadness. just maybe the real world will give that to us soon enough when we are grown.. I really hate petty gossip.. It causes hurts when most of it is based on lies.. I could tell you a long story about gossip and the damage it can do but I'm sure you already know all about gossip. most of us have been on the bad end of it at some time or another in our lives..

Pblacksaw said...

Lol.. My finger was in a hurry and hit publish all on it's on.. Thanks for reading my blog!

PJ said...

i love reading your blog! about gossip, i was a bartender for 22 years, so yeah, i know!

Sunshine said...

Patsy, I would love it in your heaven! I think mine would be very similar to yours...maybe we could be neighbors! Your games sound like so much fun. I bet your family really enjoys them. I think holding hands is a wonderful thing. Walking on the beach or in the park hand in hand...nothing can be better!

Anonymous said...

Thank you ;-) check out this emo boy style over this blog: