Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Today is Tuesday! Do you know what this is?

“Rice Krispies happens to be one of my favorite junk foods, just as I regard Michener as superior among junk writers.” ~ Christopher Lehmann-Haupt

“A society that thinks the choice between ways of living is just a choice between equally eligible "lifestyles" turns universities into academic cafeterias offering junk food for the mind.”
~ George F. Will

My body is a temple where junk food goes to worship”~ Unknown

What in the world is that thing? It sorta goes along with today being the crazy holiday known as National Junk Food Day! According to tradition, today is set aside to fill your belly with foods that are bad for you without a bit of guilt. I Personally will pass on that. My Tummy doesn't seem to like the oily fat that usually goes along with junk food.. I am also fat enough without adding any empty calories to my diet... even for one day! The photo is not food. Or at least not food to me though there may be something that would eat it.So my question to you today is what is this thing? And where would you find it? Then thirdly... yes I have a thirdly...
can you tell me at least three junk foods that can be found in the same place as the pictured item? You should have no trouble thinking of three since the last time I was there I ate four things that would be considered junk food and gained at least five pounds just from all the delightful smells. I'm pretty sure most people will guess what the picture is and where to find one..
From there they should have no trouble listing all the junk foods found there.

I would also like to add that today is actually a wild and wacky made up holiday.. Even so I have had three e-mails about it all with games to play today and new and exciting ways to cook foods that are considered bad for you.. Junk Food!

Junk food is generally high in fat, calories and cholesterol and is very often full of sugar and preservatives.. The list of junk foods includes Candies and chocolate; cookies and snack cakes; potato chips; Ice creams; carbonated and other bottled beverages; and almost all fast foods... In other words, junk food is all that sweet; salty or otherwise tasty stuff that the dietitians,
Doctors, and Mom, consider to be bad for us.

I guess if you simply can't resist the chance to splurge for just one day and you positively have to celebrate Junk food day.. then maybe just have a small amount of junk food.. you can always off-set it with a brisk walk around the neighborhood or a game of Jump rope with the children.

My concern is not really for those who will eat Junk food today.. My greater concern is for the children who live on a steady diet of Fast food.. Parents don't cook like they used to. My own children would rather eat out than cook at home.. Forty percent of meals are now eaten outside of the home... Every single day one out of every four Americans will eat from a fast food restaurant.. Americans spend $110 billion dollars a year on fast food... French fries are the most eaten vegetable in America.. and the only vegetable eaten by many children..sixty percent of all Americans are either overweight or obese.. One in three children born in the United States will develop Diabetes in their lifetime.. Do you see a pattern?

I try to eat lots of vegetables and fruits. I love tomatoes and cucumbers and eat them every day when I have them fresh in my back yard. I also love squash and string beans and peas and corn.. I try to grow as many of those every year as I can.... I love peaches and watermelon.. I also love candy and anything chocolate but don't keep it here.. because I'll be honest.. I would eat it every day if it was here and readily available for me to grab.. I don't buy chips and other treats unless I am planning a party.. Even then I try to offer both fresh fruits and vegetables and the more common chips and dip style treats..

Dave and I did celebrate Junk Food Day together just before he went to work.. I cooked us each a small hamburger and loaded it down with low fat pepper jack cheese and grilled onions and peppers.. he even had mayonnaise and mustard on his. We also had a pasta and vegetable salad made with fresh cucumbers and tomatoes with onions, bacon bits, hot peppers and pasta.. all stirred up with a small amount of ranch dressing.. I know it's not real junk food but if I pretend it is then I won't think about having a giant Chocolate Ice cream banana split pecan pie.. with whipped cream and a cherry on top!

Please leave me a comment if you know the answers to my three questions.. They were. 1:) what is the picture of?.. 2:) where can one of these be found?... and 3:) (yes.. Thirdly!) Name at least three junk foods found in the same place as this picture.. I'm thinking this weeks what is it will be a piece of cake for most of you!! Have a great day!!

Update!~ 1:)~ I guess this wasn't as easy as I thought.. Only one person guessed and she got it right.. Thanks ~Lashan~ The Picture was of a carousel Tiger.. Here he is being ridden by My niece Beth.. and her beautiful daughter Dorie Jean..

2:)~ Carousels can be found at amusement parks and carnivals; sometimes in large malls and of course at the Fair..

3:) I could name a great long list of junk food that can also be found in all of these places but I'll stick to my favorite three.. Cotton candy!..
French fries.. and Caramel apples!

Wow.. I would love to have a big caramel apple and ride a carousel right now! Have a great night!


A Lil Enchanted said...

Hi Patsy... I think this is a tiger on a merry go round... which can be found at an amusement park or fair along with cotton candy... ice cream... and snowballs.

BTW... I'm celebrating right now with a bowl of rocky road...LOL

A Lil Enchanted,

Pblacksaw said...

A lil enchanted~ Hi and thanks for guessing! You are exactly right.. The rocky road sounds perfect for junk food day!! Have a great night!

PJ said...

dang, i missed this one...lol! good job la shan!