Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Tuesday!! .. Who knows what we have here???

"If you can't stand the heat you better get out of the kitchen." ~ Harry S Truman

"I hope we can get back to what I call the kitchen table. Everyday issues that people are really worried about and focused on." ~ Dick Gephardt

"Everyone is kneaded out of the same dough but not baked in the same oven."
~Yiddish Proverb

"What's a soup kitchen?" ~ Paris Hilton

Hello and Happy Tuesday to everyone! Are you ready to play along in the "What is it?" game? This week I am taking it easy on you all I will tell you that everything here is considered a kitchen item... I think most people will know what everything here is and even if you might not know what it's called you can probably make a pretty good guess as to what it was used for. How many of today's items can you identify?

1:) This first one doesn't actually belong to me.. It belongs to My oldest sister Trudy.. She also collects all the vintage kitchenware and has had this wonder for a very long time.. We have often taken guesses as to what it is and how we would use it....this item consists of a small metal basket on the bottom. It looks like a tin can filled with holes.. The top piece is a disk and when you hold it by the handles and squeeze the two together the disk goes down inside the basket.. first of all do you know what it is called and secondly.. what did the old timers use it for?

2:) I personally have always thought this was a cheese slicer and a pie crust edge maker.. I was wrong.... This vintage kitchen tool actually had two uses. Do you know what they were? Dave and I had the whole bucket out looking them over this morning.. Yes I have a bucket of old kitchen ware.... and we finally decided that we better look them all up.. I would hate to steer anyone in the wrong direction in the important matter of vintage kitchen ware. I mean what if I had you slicing something with an edger..

3:) This one is pretty easy I think.. I knew what this one was.. It has two metal parts that fit together and slide into the handle.. one can be removed but the other can not. If I had to guess I'd say that was for cleaning purposes.. After all one does have to clean their kitchen ware at times. What would you use this for? I can think of a few things it could be used for even in today's times.. But what is it really?

4:) let me tell you that this one isn't quiet as old as the others. In fact I drew this shape and My Dear Husband cut it out for me.. Mine is made of wood.. I had seen one in an old magazine and I wanted one of my own. I painted it to look like the old one I had seen. I use it quiet a lot while cooking.. It has a small eye so that it can hang close to where it will be used... What in the world is it? what is it used for?

5:) This one everyone should get.. it is so very easy.. this one was used back in the day when we couldn't buy fancy packaged food. Frozen foods were unheard of back then.. Ladies worked very hard to make their food stand out.. all well equipped kitchens had one of these.. What is it for? What is it called?

6:)This is my newest of all of my Kitchen items collection. Dave found this wonder at the Flea Market Saturday when I had to work.. He knew I would like it and he paid a few cents for it and proudly brought it home to me.. Of course I looked at him and said.. "What is it?" and of course he didn't know. It has a tip that has to be on a solid surface for it to work. When it is stood on the tip and you press down on the handle the little wire hoops spin around and around as the handle slides down the braided handle.. I love it.. Now that I know what it is for I love it even more... I have already used it.. It is perfect for what it was made for.. Do you know what it is?

I hope you will all make some guesses about today's vintage kitchenware items.. I have quiet a collection of them. Many of them we just look at and wonder what they could be for.. A few years ago I looked the whole town over for a corer so I could use it in canning pears.. My mama assured me that it would make my job easier.. I wasn't even sure what they looked like so after looking them up I just got down my bucket and got one from the old junk collection.. She was right.. with my old corer I was able to quickly get the cores out of my pears and was proud when they looked as good as the pears we eat from a can.

I will warn you though that the Internet says we should not use vintage kitchen ware because we cannot know what was used in the paint or what alloys were used in the metal parts. I always wash mine in a bleach solution prior too and after I use them since wood can harbor bacteria... I use mine very rarely because I~ like most women~ own all the new fangled fancy kitchen items.. But I will always love and collect the vintage kitchenware too. Have a great Tuesday!!


Nessa said...

OMG! These are awesome vintage items!

For the life of me, I have no idea what they are... except the 1st one but I'm not very sure. I think it's a masher, right?

PJ said...

my guess is that the first one is a juicer, the second one is a noodle cutter, the third one is a don't have a clue, the fourth one is a don't know either, but it looks like a wooden bottle opener...hehehe, the fifth one is a french fry cutter, and the sixth one is a whisk.

ok, so how'd i do...lol! did i at least get 1 right? this was fun, thanks!

Sunshine said...

I think #2 is a pasta cutter or a pastry cutter? I am not sure about the rest. I agree with PJ on her answers about the juicer. I had fun looking at the pictures tonight. I can't wait to hear what all of the things are.

Pblacksaw said...

Ok Ladies.. I think everyone who Commented was a lady ~ If Not I apologize!~
#1~ is called a ricer.. it was used to change the look of potatoes or other vegetables. Put in a whole potato and it come through the holes and looks like noodles.. You would think it would look like rice and I guess you could cut the noodles into short lengths if you wanted too.. I thought it was strange that it is called a ricer but makes noodles or what looks like noodles..

#2 is a garlic mincer and a noodle cutter..

#3 is called a Keen Cutter it is for chopping cold slaw.. other choppers had only one blade.. this one has two and one can be removed for regular chopping.. but for thin clod slaw they wanted "Keen" ~or thin~ chopped cabbage.

#4 is an oven rack puller.. I agree Pj it does look like a wooden bottle opener.. the hook is used to pull a hot oven rack out and then by turning it over you can push the rack right back in.. It works great!

#5 is a crinkler use for putting a crinkled edge on garnishes or on Fries.. it was also used by many ladies to get perfect crinkled edges on pie crusts. I have used mine to cut eggs for deviled eggs and for slicing cheese when I wanted to be a little fancy..

#6 is a frother... it was used to stir and froth the cream in the husband's morning coffee.. I have used mine in hot coco and it does make it frothy.. I think it could be used for an egg beater to although that;s not what it was meant for.. I love the way it spins on it's braided shaft..

I thank all of you who guessed and anyone who read and didn't guess too. PJ I would say you had the most right..
Thanks to everyone.. have a great night!