Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Night.. We Welcomed a Wild Storm!

"And tears are heard within the harp I touch." ~ Petrarch

"Before the reward there must be labor. You plant before you harvest. You sow in tears before you reap joy." ~ Ralph Ransom

"Delicious tears! The heart's own dew." ~ Letitia Landon

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"Under the Grape Arbor"

A fat snake lay stretched out..wiggling mouse tail his last bite of supper...

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Friday Fill~ Ins #188

1. Life is __a crazy ride.. hang on till the buzzer sounds.._.

2. _You can't stop .. you have got to__ keep going.

3. My last text message (or IM) ended in these three words: __Don't make me!_.

4. _French fries __ is what I'm thinking about for dinner sometime soon.

5. On the 1st day of August __we had a hell of a storm___

6. ___I used to be__ lively and energetic.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to __Talking to Virginia.. my second best friend..___, tomorrow my plans include __sleeping till the rooster crows___ and Sunday, I want to __do something fun.. But honestly we won't.. same shasha different day..I think that means we are in a rut..___!

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Fix-It Friday #65 • Photo Editing Fun!

~Copyright Restrictions : permission to edit for blog given by the original photographer (Andrea Riley)..... Oh what a sweet little face.. he reminds me a great deal of my nephew..Is he surprised?... Is he angry?.. Is he sad?.. He looks like he might be pouting just a tiny

little bit in this picture.. I traipsed around from blog

to blog looking at what everyone else did to his photo.. I love them all.... but I found that they were all very similar.. I guess that there is only so much you can do with a basic Photography program.. black and white or sepia and a few focus changes.. I gave him a frame.. some sparkling wishes.. and one tear.. I must confess that I'm new to altering photo's.. I really don't know what I'm doing when it comes to that.. Maybe I'll learn something here.. I like to add stuff.. I wanted to add a top hat to him.. or maybe a few hats.. then I remembered that I lost that program when my last computer got sick and died.. and it won't work with this one.. arrrrrrrrrrrgh!..

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great night!


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Lin said...

Oh, I've never seen the Friday Fix-it linky. How cool! I'm with you though, I'm not sure what I would have done with that photo. I have PSE, but it takes so much time to learn and I'm still working on that. Not enough hours in the day.

Pblacksaw said...

Lin~ I made the rounds and they all looked alike.. this was my first try at the editing and maybe I did it wrong since no one has commented.. He is a cutie though..