Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday~ Photo's.. Mutterings.. and even a Poem..

"It's important for survival that children have their own experiences, the kind they learn from. The kind their parents arrange for are not as useful. Good parents are the hardiest to get rid of." ~ Garrison Keillor

"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."
~ Andy Warhol

"I want there to be no peasant in my kingdom so poor that he cannot have a chicken in his pot every Sunday." ~ Henry IV

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Weekly Winners~

~ Three brother finches settled in for the night in a dipper gourd that I grew and recycled into a little house for the babies that hatched here in the spring..

~ I love to recycle... this old igloo cooler no longer able to hold water.. now holds rich potting soil and waits on my porch steps for this summers second round of planting.. Already this summer it has furnished us with a bounty of yellow squash.. I'm thinking maybe I'll fill it with zinnia seeds to finish off the summer and keep it filled with bright blooms until frost!

~ I love listening to the roosters crow every morning.. ~ I love photo's of the chickens.. This group shot shows a Rooster named Uncle and a few of his wives.. Yes they all have names..

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Unconscious Mutterings~ #393

1- Coma ::~ isn't that like sleep.. no phones.. no dogs to walk.. will I dream? I'll pass.. but thanks for the offer of some time off..

2- Aristotle :: ~ "Happiness depends upon ourselves." ~Aristotle
I often quote him.. he was smarter than me..

3- Pink Eye::~ don't look at me with that eye.. go get some drops.. that's contagious you know..
I have never had it and do not want it..

4- Expensive ::~ everything I want is expensive.. even the cheap things I don't want are expensive..

5- Dancer ::~ when I was four or five I wanted to be a dancer.. Frank even put me a bar on the back of the smoke house and Mary was my Ballet teacher.. she found all the poses in the encyclopedia..

6- Lipstick ::~ Nope.. I'll pass on that too.. well maybe a little light pink.. or Blood red.. should it match my eye shadow or my nail polish?.. or my shoes?

7- Buffer ::~ I have a duck named buffer because he has spent his whole life protecting the smallest duck from the bully.. they were grown and laying eggs when I realized that he was courting her.. suitor isn't nearly as good a name as buffer..

8- Stilettos ::~ somehow these words all are beginning to sound like someone went to a show.. I can't wear those crazy shoes.. I'd break my neck...

9- Booming ::~ I know a few people with Booming voices.. I always wish I could turn them down a notch or two.. late at night cars pass by on the highway with their radios booming.. I would be so deaf from that gibberish noise..

10- Rap ::~ I have listened to rap.. no choice.. had teens.. they had it booming until I unplugged their stereo.. but thankfully they played the cleaned up a little bit version while they lived here.. afraid I'd burn it I reckon.. sometimes I want to rap someone on the head.. Miss Dunbar rapped my knuckles with her ruler.. when I talked in the first grade.. my poor knuckles were always red and she broke a few rulers.. finally she put me in the closet.. I hated it and rapped on the door loudly until she let me out..

* * * * * * * * * * *

Spiritual Sundays~

Half Baked Blessings

a phone that keeps ringing
rattling my poor ears..

my friend causing anger
after all of these years?

walking these dogs
to no known avail

just walking and sniffing
and two wagging tails..

children come visiting
and then leave a mess..

to what their purpose
anyone could guess..

my feet are swollen
I have a head ache

some days my blessings
come to me half Baked..

so now dear Father
I hand this mess to you..

and ask that you guide me
in all that I do..
amen and amen..

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

* * * * * * * * * *

I have added a few new memes to my blog.. I guess you could say I am trying them on for size.. I am jiggling things around and some of what used to be here is now on my other.. new. blog.. Patsy's Photos.. This is my first try at Spiritual Sunday.. I have to say that today has not been one to feel completely blessed by.. Phones ringing .. both of them.. a friend who I have known a million years wanting to be contrary today and her silliness striking me in just the wrong way at a bad moment.. Thankfully I held my temper... I guess there is a blessing in that.. I'd hate to have to train a new very bestest forever friend... Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Have a great Sunday!


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Charlotte said...

Hi Patsy, It's nice to meet you. I enjoyed reading your words of wisdom. Love the birds in the gourd. Nice chicken and rooster picture too. I hope your week is better than your day has been. Hopefully you will be blessed by reading other Spiritual Sunday posts. They always bless me each week. I'm glad you chose to join us today.

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

Hello Patsy, I'm so glad you shared your thoughts today here on Spitural Sunday. I love the idea of using an old igloo cooler for potting soil. I have one I can't wait to use it just for that!

Vera said...

Wow, you really fashioned it as nest for them? It really looks like a natural habitat for them. :)

Sam said...

hi, it's my first time to come across spiritual sunday, i like the idea, so thanks. have a blessed sunday always. God bless!