Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday.. Hot and Breezy.. No Rain.. I Did Get a Dog Shake Shower...

"Beauty is a fragile gift."
~ Ovid

"Civilization is hideously fragile and there's not much between us and the horrors underneath, just about a coat of varnish." ~ Carrie P. Snow

"Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable."
~ Frank L. Baum - {The Tin Man.. Wizard of OZ}


Two 4 Tuesday~ Unbreakable / Fragile

Each week on Tuesday They post a double theme. The themes will be opposites or antonyms. You have a couple options when it comes to posting your photo:

The Real Challenge: Post a single photo that captures both themes.
OR: Post a single photo that captures one of the themes.
OR: Post two photos capturing one theme in each photo..

~ a fragile dandelion bloom lies discarded on the unbreakable old tire..


Try Again

stars catch lofty dreams
rainy days smoothly sprout fear
brave seer triumphs

Written By: Patricia Sawyer


The Lie

ageless deception
drips sweetly from ruby lips
moonlight passion dies

Written By: Patricia Sawyer


Oh what a week this one has started out to be.. Both yesterday and today I have wanted to write.. Poems and stories rolling around in my brain.. a few even came together as planned.. one story trying to be told.. I think it has it's own plan.. the phone rings and rings.. unknown names.. private numbers.. Y'all do know I don't answer those?.. I did once and the Lady wanted to sell me a time share.. I said thanks but no thanks and she cursed at me saying I had sent for info.. then she said it didn't matter because I "sounded too poor" to buy one any way.. I had a telephone hissy fit that caused her to hang up.. I tried for a week to call her back.. so better for me to ignore those calls.. anger is not a good thing for me to have.. and I wonder why folks will insist upon making a crazy woman like me mad???.. Does that make any sense to you??

It is still hot.. though not as hot as it has been.. we have had some rain but it doesn't seem like it has been enough.. or maybe it was even too much.. are we ever satisfied with the weather? Bonnie and Clyde walk a bit and then try to drag me back to the house.. they don't want to go out and I think If I'd let them they would just as soon find a "spot" somewhere inside where it is cooler.. Clyde was introduced to his own cage today and has all but "said" NOPE!.. I can't figure out why a young guy like him wouldn't want his own space.. Brand spanking new too.. He even opened the door earlier.. somehow.. and went over to her cage.. I guess he plans to be a "Paws on" Papa.. he hasn't reckoned with me yet though.. truly his temporary home is small and he is used to snuggling up with his Bonnie at night..But he can't stay there with her and the pups.. he isn't going to like me much since I have decided that tonight they will be separated.. Bonnie only has a little over a week left and I am told that some dogs go early when they have had lots of pups.. the vet seems to think that Bonnie has had a few litters and was probably a puppy mill dog before they were dumped out at a friend of ours' house.. they are both great dogs.. I hate it for Bonnie that she is expecting again and I have promised her that this will be her last litter.. Dave and I are excited about the puppies even though we know we can't keep them.. So to any of you who are close to me.. I will have free puppies very soon!..

I did get a cooling dog shake shower earlier tonight when I gave both of the dogs a bath and a brisk towel rub.. after a long walk in the heat.. The Moon was a beautiful red and we enjoyed our walk even if we were soaking wet with sweat by the time they each found a good "spot".. It was a good thing they found it when they did too.. I had almost started looking for a good spot for myself..

I wish for some cooler days.. I look forward to a cold night with a fire burning outside.. Maybe even a hot dog on a stick.. But.. I'd settle for a trip to the beach and a moonlight walk along the sand.. Thanks for stopping by my blog today.. I do welcome comments.. Have a great night!

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