Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday.. Hot and Dry with Words and White Flowers..

“Black cat or white cat: If it can catch mice, it's a good cat.”
~ Chinese Proverb

“As a white candle In a holy place, So is the beauty Of an aged face”
~ Joseph Campbell

“All of us have moments in out lives that test our courage. Taking children into a house with a white carpet is one of them.”
~ Erma Bombeck

~ F is for FLOWERS...

ABC Wednesday Round 7 - The Letter F~

~White Wednesday #62~

... Weekend Wordsmith~ Signal
Three Word Wednesday~ abstain, halo, prayer .. ~

The Signal~ (flash fiction)

Fiona fought the urge to blast her horn.. Every day this week she had found the fat fourteen year old street preacher to be in her way as she tried to go about her sad little life.. he had been with her every morning as she rolled out of bed a five o'clock.. she had listened to his falsetto voice as she found her shoes and grabbed her fancy lunch box filled with fattening foods.. He had danced in the freezing night air as she found her way home after a long day tired and sometimes tipsy..He had been on all the news stations.. flaunting his aluminum foil halo and shouting that the sinners must abstain.. abstain from fragrant alcohol he shouted as he danced back and forth under the traffic signals at fifth and main.. abstain from lust and gluttony.. abstain from everything it seemed to Fiona..

Each day she had been stopped by the signal.. She had been taking this drive to work for nearly four years and never until him had she been stopped.. she hadn't even known there was a signal there until a few days ago.. Not much of a Church goer she wasn't much for the abstaining he shouted about.. she liked a fast nip in the evenings before heading home alone.. she liked food and she had even given in to lust a few times in her life.. .. abstain from fast cars and fast women he screamed as she flew past him on Friday afternoon.. She had been unable to resist and had flipped him off .. and now here she was again.. sitting at fifth and main and what was he doing.. He had dropped to his knees in the middle of her lane and had bowed his head in prayer... her fingers were itching to find the horn and to blow blow blow... forty times blow she thought to herself.. Abstain her conscience whispered.. Blow the devil in her shouted...Fingers stretched and reached for the horn.. she had just about found the silver strip when suddenly she heard tires screeching.. looking into her mirror she saw the truck sliding fast for her rear end..and with a blast of her horn she stomped the gas and flew through the green light.. she just knew she had killed the fat preacher boy but to her surprise he was no where to be found.. pulling to the side of the road she jumped out of her car and looked around .. there was no fast moving truck.. there was no fat preacher boy.. there was no signal.. Or.. was there? ...a signal.. a sign.. a warning.. Fiona was flabbergasted but she was no fool.. she knelt down and picked up a tin foil halo.. that fluttered in the cool morning breeze.. it fit her head just fine.. abstain she shouted as she jumped back into her car and headed for a new life....

Written By: Patricia Sawyer
The Signal- (a senryu)

tarnished halo
abstinence and prayers said~
one shot and we run

written by: Patricia Sawyer
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mrsnesbitt said...

Loved the second comment - cheered my aging face up no end! lol!

Thanks so much
ABC Wednesday Team

Bobbie said...

Love your writing :) I like anyone that quotes Erma Bombeck lol.

Roger Owen Green said...

Wonderfully eclectic post.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

gautami tripathy said...

Loved reading your post. Great Senryu.

reaching out

Coraline J. Thompson said...

Oh WOW, I didn't see that one coming. Great twist

The World of Lost Souls

Anna said...

'Flowers' is a great choice of F-word. And you have some interesting text-snibbets here too.
Best wishes,
Anna's abcWed-F-words

Tumblewords: said...

That's a tidy story, love it! And the flowers are beautiful. Good post, for sure!

Ramesh Sood said...

something very different fo me.. yes..liked it..

Do visit me for a laugh if you wish to have one..Earlier to that is 3ww.

Annie said...

I love the Erma Bombeck quote! She is my hero!!

(Giles) Where's said...

Hey, I really liked this. The punctuation, ... almost like a stream of thought, and it gave the peice really nice flow. Thankyou.