Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday.. Raining.. and Expensive Car Repairs.. TRADE??

"People seem to enjoy things more when they know a lot of other people have been left out of the pleasure." ~ Russell Baker

"He who has wronged you is either stronger or weaker than yourself: be he weaker, spare him; be he stronger, then spare yourself." ~ Walter Scott

"Fortune, seeing that she could not make fools wise, has made them lucky."
~ Michel de Montaigne

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Week End Wordsmith... &
Haiku Heights...

Empty Corner...

a struggle abounds
embellishment torn away~
runaway... Headlines

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

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They say and I say..
  1. Rhythm :: ~ Rocking with the Rhythm of the rain...

  2. Baby :: ~ Babies are cute.. I don't want any.. but I'll hold yours..

  3. Sanctimonious :: ~ I am not sactimonious.. I am always right..

  4. I like :: steak and chicken and purple.. Roses and blue skies..
    way too many things to list here...

  5. Constipated :: if that means full of what I think it means full of..
    then I know a few people who are constipated..

  6. Sleep late :: ~ You don't sleep late when you have chickens...

  7. Over easy :: yes two eggs and some grits.. bacon will be fine..
    it the cofee hot and fresh?

  8. Erratic :: Don't make me act erratic up in here..

  9. Umbrella :: Forget that old umbrella.. you only live once..
    RUN through the RAIN!!!

  10. You don’t :: really care.. do you.. well. I didn't care first.. so Now
    do you care..

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Today I was remembering... sometimes a word will make you think.. I remember the first time I ever REMEMBER hearing the word Embellish..

"Don't embellish Patsy".. My grandma said...." just tell it like it is.. you add to many fancy words and stretch simple stories into long tales.... Now.. you get on over there and sit on that second step... Think about it and then afterwhile I'll ask you about how your dress hem got ripped out again.."

Head down I sat and wondered what embellish meant.. I knew I had told the truth.. anyone would think I was making it up about Sheron with her black kitty cat in her bicycle basket.. and how they had come got me.. we knew better than to go into the woods and surely the railroad track was off limits.. I told her I better not go... but she said it was the very bestest ever and ever secret.. that she had found back there.. how was I to know it was just an old shoe?... and then she said I could ride her bike... and she got on the handle bars.. I ain't got a bike so I'm not to good on them.. and then we came to the end of the road.. where the blackberries grow..and you remember it rained last week.. Uncle Neal ain't had a day off work yet so he ain't plowed that old road.. and it's got rain gullies...and then... them rain gullies are deep.. they are deeper than a bike tire.. I hit one and Sheron flew through the air.. not like she had wings though.. not like that.. she just flew like wham and flew.. and the grass is tall down there.. by the tracks..I tried to find her..I hid the bike in the woods.. If she was dead what would I do.. she wasn't dead.. I hoped she wasn't dead.. and I was looking and looking in the grass where I saw her go when she flew... If she was dead she woulda got wings.. and then she woulda flew..Bt I was scared already and then Sheron jumped out the grass and screamed at me.. she said I was too stupid.. I am NOT stupid but she said I was.. to even ride a bike and she said I couldn't ride hers anymore.. so She was mad at me and went to her own house... I followed her and then she screamed at me again.. she said "go home baby.. too stupid to ride a bike baby!".. so I ran and ran back to Aunt Lucy's fence.. Aunt Lucy and them wasn't home.. at least I don't think they were there.. the door was shut.. and I saw her new kitties .. I bet Sheron stole that black kitty.. and when I was trying to get over the fence...I was crying so hard because I am NOT a baby... and I got hung up... I hope my Mama is ok... they been gone after that baby all day.. Grandma won't let Reuben play out here in the yard with me and Jimmy.. she thinks we're babies too.. I was going to ask Grandma to fix my dress.. the hem is loose... and then she said I always tried to Embellish.. and said I had to think about it.. I wish I knew what I was supposed to think about.. always it...whatever it was.. and I sure do wish I knew what embellish meant.......

I don't intend to live a dramatic life.. I don't even mean to embellish things.. Maybe I just see things differently or maybe I tell things differently.. I don't really embellish do I?...?
I welcome comments.. Have a great day!

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Amity said...

Hi Patricia!

Your haiku is well said! Nice take on struggle!

Anonymous said...

that sure is good love mama

Jingle said...

vivid and fun Haiku...

Jingle said...

three awards for you.
help us visit 4 friends who have been celebrating birthdays ..

Anonymous said...

I loved that story. I enjoyed the haiku as well, but and haiku...we don't mix. I loves ya!


Leo said...

enjoyed that haiku.. welcome to Haiku Heights.. :)