Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday With Rain and Yellow School Buses...

"Luck is not chance, it's toil; fortune's expensive smile is earned."
- Emily Dickinson

"The theory seems to be that so long as a man is a failure he is one of God's chillun, but that as soon as he has any luck he owes it to the Devil."
- Henry Louis Mencken

"Fortune, seeing that she could not make fools wise, has made them lucky."
- Michel De Montaigne


Moody Monday ~ Peckish...

peck·ish (pksh)
1. Ill-tempered; irritable.
2. Somewhat hungry.
[From peck, to eat.]

"I was Feeling a Little Peckish..."
a slice would be nice.. a cupcake grand.. but I had soup straight from the can...
8 -16-2010
.. I really was feeling a little Peckish earlier
.. I was aggravated and irritated.. all around ill-tempered.. I was also hungry.. what to cook
just me here after all.. No need to wash pots.. so I cooked up this American Sentence Poem
and a can of my favorite vegetable soup.. I feel better already!!! In fact I feel well enough to write one more...

"Feeding Time Gone a Fowl"
Seeing that the hens felt a little peckish... I tossed them handfuls of feed.


Manic Monday #218

What are 5 things you want to do in your life?~ Wow.. do I only get to do five things.. I might have already gone over the limit.. I have done a lot of pretty interesting stuff already.. I have helped raise some kids.. Mine and his and theirs and hers and his..and maybe even yours... and they all turned out pretty good... But maybe you meant from now on.. five things.. I guess they should be important things too huh?? Nothing boring like finishing the book I left in the bathroom...?

1- write something others will enjoy reading... and publish it as a book... can't you imagine me prancing into the library to check out my own book..?
2- live so that others will miss me when I'm gone..
3- grow old but not feeble..
4- walk on the great wall of china... (or maybe when I am old and feeble.. my kids can stack up some blocks and fool me...)
5- see all of my children settled and happy.. and do my best to part of the solution and not part of the problem... This does require some tongue biting on my part.. I'll be stuttering any time now..

What are you saying goodbye to? ~ I have said goodbye to many things and many people over the years.. I am getting too old for the drama.. I am not interested in being the center of any ones attention and it is rather tiring that some folks need to be the most important all the time.. I would say goodbye to fancy clothes to but I don't own any.. I am saying goodbye to anger.. it doesn't hurt them.. forget it let it go.. they will reap what they sow.. as Daddy used to say.. "all in good time!"

What are you currently fascinated with? ~ I have got to tell you that I am not easily fascinated.. I am fascinated by words and rhymes and rhythms.. I am fascinated by the humming birds that hatched in my yard this year.. I am almost fascinated by Bonnie's belly.. which is about to drag the ground.. and I know I will be temporarily fascinated by the puppies.. Dave can still fascinate me as can each of my children in their own way.. I am also fascinated with Macro Photography and Geo-Caching... both involve looking close.. and both are new hobbies of mine.. I will always be fascinated by dreams and dolls and the waves striking the shore... simple things..


Back to School Ramble~

Today was the first day of the school year for our little town.. the buses we saw this morning were carrying children to be educated and not the summer's migrant workers to the fields.. All over town there were young Moms silently.. ( well for the most part silently..) wiping tears as they fought the crowds on the way out of the school yard.. some hurrying to work as others went home to an empty house and wondered what they would do all day.. Even Emily came by here.. about to cry after taking Kirstin to school.. I laughed at them.. in a few weeks you will wonder aloud how you ever stood the little heathens.. week-ends they will make you will wish they were in school.. they are going to learn all of the terrible things that you have tried to protect them from.. they will learn words you do not understand... they will learn to read their own stories and they will learn to add up their own allowance.. and they will have the audacity to enjoy being away from you.. so I say start right away and use this time for your own self.. read a book.. clean your room.. clean their room.. dry your eyes and go get busy doing something that you have put off because the kids wouldn't enjoy it or maybe it was too exciting for a small child..
They will thrive and you will survive.. be proud.. you have just accomplished another step in the grand circle of life... Please keep a close eye out for the little ones that may be waiting on buses or walking along the roadways.. Be safe! Thanks for stopping by my blog tonight.. I welcome comments.. Have a great night!

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Anonymous said...

JR and Hannah are in the same class! They better behave! I miss my girls so very much, already but I know that soon, I'll be all done packing and moving and struggling...and they're having a great time, I'm sure. Love you!