Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday.. Watery.. Weird.. and in My Lens!

"I use music as some kind of weird salvation to get away from life!" ~ Billy Corgan

"Our world is no more permanent than a wave rising on the ocean. Whatever our struggles and triumphs, however we may suffer them, all too soon they bleed into a wash, just like watery ink on paper." ~ Arthur Golden

"If you have not crossed the river, you should not abuse the crocodile."
~ Igbo Proverb

Watery Wednesday challenges us each week to share a photograph of something to do with water.. This photo reminds me of the lagoon on the Television show "Gilligan's Island" Ever since I watched that show as a child I have always wanted to own and live on an Island.. then recently I started thinking about what if I got sick or what if I changed my mind and wanted to come back.. what if my radio didn't work.. Dave and I are getting older..what if we weren't able to garden.. what if we ran out of food.. needless to say I almost what iffed myself out of the notion for Island living.. This small Island Pictured above is little more than a sand bar in the Santee-Cooper lakes... You could swim back to land if you had too.. Dave could most likely throw a rock from the island to the nearest land.. I am thinking that I could live on one of these small islands and have the effect of being separated from the world until I wanted some company.. then I could just yell across the water to my neighbors on the shore.. I could toss a rope across to them and they could tie on some food or other things and I could pull it back across.. Yep.. one of these little islands would suit me just fine.. Dave could fish and we could garden.. with our animals in tow we could be right at home on our own little island..


This is where I answer a few weird questions.. I do not make these up myself even though I think I could most likely be even weirded than some of the people who write these questions.. I find them from the Internet and also accept them from other people who send them to me.. Sometimes I don't answer a question that is sent to me.. if you sent me a question and haven't seen it on my blog it was either something that I didn't want to answer or maybe it was way to weird even for me.. I can't answer anything that would cause heart failure to my Mom or my children.. that said.. here we go!

1:)-What was your imaginary friend's name as a kid, and did they ever annoy you or just us? ~
I personally never had an imaginary friend as a child.. my cousin had Tater and we got in trouble all the time because he swore that we sat on Tater.. man I hated tater.. on the other hand I had dolls who I told all of my secrets too and weirdly I had one who I called Toni.. he was actually a boy doll but I made him wear a wig and a dress.. he was Trudy's doll that she kept sitting on her bed.. I'd sneak in and steal him and stick a wig on his head and snatch his romper outfit off and replace it with a red dress.. I have a son Named Anthony but he wasn't named after the doll.. he was named after his Father.. But for some weird reason I always hated it when anyone called him Tony!!

2:)- If your neighbor is having a baby would you buy a baby gift for them? ~ I can't help but laugh at that weird question.. All of my neighbors are old people.. or at least older I'll say.. we have one family that I guess could medically still have a child but... Nah they won't.. All of us but one family have grown children and grand-children.. I guess If any of us were having a baby it would shake up the neighborhood.. I can't think of a thing any of my neighbors need because none of them would be weird enough to have a baby at our age.. but I think the question is simply would I buy an expecting neighbor a gift.. the answer is that if any of my neighbors were expecting I would crochet them a blanket and sweater combo.. The image of any of my neighbors expecting might be just weird enough to cause me to have nightmares.. see what you did with your weird questions..

3:)- Have you ever howled at the moon?~ what a weird question.. I have an equally weird answer.. last year Me and Sheri.. Cooper.. Erin.. and a few other people all came out of a Karaoke bar at the same time.. closing time.. the night was weird.. some of us had been drinking wine.. we were all standing there talking with Cooper's car radio playing in the background.. suddenly noticing the giant shadows we cast on the ground... we all began to dance.. our shadows danced on the ground.. it was awesome in a very weird kind off way.. Of course I am just weird enough to dance with my own shadow.. I don't remember any of us howling.. but I think it safe to say we shouted at the moon that night.. after our dance we all hugged and said I love you's all around.. it was a night to remember..

4:)- When the sun sets, what are you usually doing? ~ the sun sets so early now.. and it's cold as a well diggers feet here right now.. maybe even colder.. sunset usually finds me sitting in front of my computer either farming or cooking on Facebook.. those games are mighty addicting and for someone like me who doesn't watch television they are even more so.. I know it is weird to be almost addicted to a crazy game that you just click around on.. but I think I am.. I have quit them before and then the very next day I was back.. hoping my island was still there and wondering if I had left anything on the stove in my cafe... this will sound weird but I think it was easier to quit smoking that it will be to quit those games.. wouldn't it be weird if they came up with a patch or maybe some gum for those of us addicted to click games.. I'd be a super weirdo with patches everywhere and a mouth full of gum..

Weird questions all done and not to awful weird for a change.. or maybe they are taking it easy on us since we just started a NEW YEAR.. I for one hope this year is calm and normal... but then again Calm and Normal would be weird in my life!!!


The Lens Day Challenge for this week is Storm... this weird sky was the beginning of the end of a couple of days of cold cold rain.. my animals were wet and cold.. I was wading in ankle deep ice cold water to toss them food and look for eggs.. Seeing this tiny bright spot in the sky I thought the storm was over... needless to say it was not and the icy drizzling rain fell for another full day before finally moving on.. later this week the forecast is for a snow storm.. It hasn't snowed here in a long long time.. I will hope for snow.. I will dread the cold rain that will most likely be what we get here.. what ever falls it will be wet and cold.. I have a plan to warm things up.. a big pot of home-made vegetable soup ands some hot.. buttery cornbread!! Have a good night!


Sunshine said...

Love your picture! I am hoping for some snow myself! Glad you wrote today. I have missed it!

dress up games said...

Great pictures! i'm snowed in sunshine! its -20 here!

PJ said...

an island, YES! i have always said that if i were to ever win the lottery i would buy a little island somewhere and would enjoy the rest of my life with no worries. that pic does look like gilligans island...hehehe.

i didn't have an imaginary friend either when i was little. i think i have some real fairies following me around now though. little mischievous little buggers they are too.

living in an apartment complex where i don't associate with my neighbors, i probably wouldn't buy them a gift.

i have not howled at the moon, but i sure enjoy just looking at her and taking her light in.

when the sun sets, i am usually doing the exact same thing you are doing and i too think those games are addicting. i play way too many but i really don't have anything else to do, so whatever.

have a wonderful day my friend...hugz!

Petula said...

I love the idea of the island close to a mainland. Very cool. You're right... that does remind me of Gilligan's Island.

Dewi Saraswati said...

is my first time to visit here, wow ur site is good, and greats articles too. can we make a friends with dropper ec, maybe someday i'll find something to make me rich about knowledge. thanks

is u have a time, can you comment to in my post or articles in my blog?, i hope u can visit me too my friends.

Pblacksaw said...

Sunshine~ Thanks! snow or not snow.. I won't care..

dress up games~ I was snowed in once a million years ago.. I hated it!

Pj~ I had a chance once to buy an island for the back taxes.. it would have cost something like $6000 and I couldn't a loan because I was a divorced Mother of three with a sick child.. thinking back I should have asked every person I knew for a dollar..

petula~ wouldn't it be wonderful to live just out of reach of everyone .. yet close enough to give a holler if you needed them!

Dewi~ I will certainly be checking out your blog.. thanks for stopping by!

Have a wonderful night!