Monday, October 12, 2009

Another Rainy.. Moody.. Monday!

"Every single night I'm nervous. You never know how the audience is going to react. "
~ Vivien Leigh

"Everything makes me nervous - except making films. " ~ Elizabeth Taylor

"I know what it's like to be pregnant and nervous and poor. " ~ Loretta Lynn


1. Easily agitated or alarmed.
2. Apprehensive or anxious.
3. Relating to or affecting the nerves.

" I would love to sit on Santa's lap just once in my life! But I would be so Nervous!" ~ Aunt Lucy

This week Moody Monday has offered a theme of Nervous.. It is sometimes strange what makes a certain person nervous.. The picture above shows my late Aunt Lucy sitting on Santa's lap.. She was so scared! .. she was so Nervous that she was actually shaking.. look close and you will see that Santa is talking to her.. if you could hear his words.. you would hear him softly whisper.... " It's me Aunt Lucy.. Frank.."

We have a large family.. we have a big gathering near Christmas every year.. as long as Aunt Lucy lived she always came to visit which ever one of us was playing host that year.. We take turns sorta..But In the year above we were at a building Martha and Andy had reserved for that year.. It was their turn.. There was a big crowd there that year.. most of the eight of us have grown kids and some even have half grown Grand -kids.. Santa is a welcome sight every year.. for a few minutes all the little children are sitting quiet and smiling waiting their turn to try and make him believe they have been good all year.. Mason was sitting with all the other children planning his best ..I've been almost good story.. Dave was doing his very best at working the camera.. and Aunt Lucy and I were standing in the back of the room..

Aunt Lucy was My daddy's sister.. she always seemed like a strong woman to me.. she worked hard in factories all of her life and still found time to garden and sew.. she took up a lot of time with her Grand children...Every Sunday since I was a tiny little girl she was teaching little children Sunday school at her Church..

Aunt Lucy had rode with Mama to our Christmas party.. ever since Daddy had died, Aunt Lucy and Mama had become real close.. they often went places together and even shared taking care of an elderly neighbor lady all day so that her daughter could work...

Aunt Lucy was standing with me but I could see that her mind was on Santa and the children.. she never took her eyes off of Santa's bright red suit.. I asked her why she was way back there if she wanted to talk to Santa.. " I would love to sit on Santa's lap just once in my life! But I would be so Nervous!" she said....." I have wanted to sit on his lap and have my picture took ever since I was a little girl and he was uptown in the dime store!" she added.. "Go ahead !!" I encouraged her... "It's just Frank!" She shook her head and looked at me.. big tears in her eyes..
"I'd be too scared and Nervous!... are you sure that is "our" Frank?" I could tell she really wanted to but she was so nervous that she was shaking.. "I almost sat on his knee once when LP was a baby.." she said.. "But I chickened out and Diane took him up there.." She kept her eyes on Santa.. smiling as each child took their turn on his knee...."Then one time at the Church I wanted to... but no grown people were and I was scared they would laugh at me..." I kept telling her to go ahead.. No one here would laugh.. after all Davey and Jimmy had already been on his knee twisting around asking for a new gun.. Trudy had asked for something antique.. Reuben was next in line and I was betting he would ask for a new "Old Mustang" or for a boat.. Most of the grown ups had longer lists than the children had.. finally... just as Mama was getting off of Santa's knee.. Aunt Lucy looked at me and said.."If I don't do it now I might not ever have the chance again.... Are you sure that is Frank?" As soon as I nodded she hurried to the line and was soon sitting for the first and indeed the only time in her life on Santa's knee... She held on to Frank for dear life.. I eased up behind him and whispered that she was scared and for him to let her hear his voice...Aunt Lucy took sick and died before another Christmas came.. Every time I see Santa I think of her.. I would have never thought her to have been nervous of anything.. let alone of Santa.. We carried her a copy of her picture on Santa's knee..and with tears in her eyes she stuck it in her Bible.... I guess we all have something that makes us nervous.. maybe it's crowds or talking in front of people.. for me it is Mice and anything that looks... sounds or smells like one.. Cats make Trudy nervous.. and strange dogs make a certain son of mine nervous.. what makes you nervous?? I bet something does!!
Have a great day!


Marie Wall said...

Patsy that was wonderful,you are very talented.My first time here and I will be back.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! What a perfect way to end my Monday! Loved the story! I guess confrontation makes me more nervous than anything. I just hate to argue about anything. It just ain't worth it. Always a pleasure to visit your blog!

Jan from BetterSpines said...

Awwww, [wipes eyes] that just pulled at my heartstrings. What a lovely story. And it just goes to show that we're all NERVOUS about something. I'm so glad for Aunt Lucy that she got to sit on Santa's lap

Pblacksaw said...

Marie~ welcome to my blog.. thanks.. and please do come back!

loves2ride~ confrontation I think makes most people nervous.. glad you enjoyed the story..

Jan~ thanks Jan.. yes we all have something that makes us nervous.. I loved Aunt Lucy very much..

Thanks to all who visited here today!
Have a wonderful day!

PJ said...

that was a wonderful memory patsy! i love the way you share those with us. i have said this before, i envy your memory, i wish that i could remember more from my past, but it wouldn't be as wonderful as yours anyways. have a wonderful day my friend...hugz!

Pblacksaw said...

PJ~ as always thanks!!
Have a great day!

gwendolen said...

Great entry for Moody Monday. LOL @ Aunt Lucy and you and mice.

Pblacksaw said...

Gwendolen~ me and mice is not a funny sight.. thanks for stopping by!