Friday, October 9, 2009

Sky Watch Friday!

“The night walked down the sky with the moon in her hand.”

~ Frederic Lawrence Knowles

“We'd never know how high we are, till we are called to rise; and then, if we are true to plan, our statures touch the sky” ~ Emily Dickinson

“Artists can color the sky red because they know it's blue. Those of us who aren't artists must color things the way they really are or people might think we're stupid.” ~ Jules Feiffer

Skywatch Friday - Season 4 Episode 13

Hunting Island State Park! South Carolina~ USA!
A beautiful sky.... a wonderful day!


The Write Girl said...

Lovely photo of the beach. I love the quotes you've accompanied with your photos as well. The sky is so amazing to behold and it's never quite the same twice.

Kcalpesh said...

I love beaches! This one looks really relaxing and cool!

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Pblacksaw said...

The Write girl~ I never thought of the sky for photo's before I saw this meme.. Now I am always looking at the sky for a photo.. and you are right it can change in a split second..

Kcalpesh~ I love the ocean.. This beach was over crowded and the day was scorching hot..but we did have a great time.. we were lucky to get in as they were counting cars and closed the entrance just three cars behind us.. there must have been ten thousand people set up on a narrow stretch of sand.. the tide was coming in and chasing us towards the trees.. we kept moving..and moving and moving..

thanks for stopping by!
Have a great day!

moe lauher said...

love those south carolina skies - going to hilton head soon and will look for more opportunities


Pblacksaw said...

Moe lauher~ Until I started doing the photo memes I barely thought of the sky as a photo shot .. now I see new and better skies every day! thanks for stopping by!
Have a great day!