Sunday, October 25, 2009

Camera Critters..

"The camera looks into your soul." ~ Joe Pantoliano

"Before I got in this business I was in the chicken business."~ Chubby Checker

“When you give a lesson in meanness to a critter or a person, don't be surprised if they learn their lesson”~ Will Rogers

Camera Critters

Camera Critters #80

RULES~~~Welcome to the Camera-Critters meme. We hope that everyone enjoys this meme which is all about photos of animals/critters.......... So make your post, link back to the Camera critters site, visit other Camera-Critters captures, and have fun!

Today's critter is my newest little rooster.. We bought him at a livestock auction a couple of weeks ago.. We were amazed at how nice and calm he was in his little cage.. in fact the pair of ring neck doves we also bought were also being very calm despite the rough way they were being handled.. Neither of the four critters we purchased was fluttering or moving around.. When we got home we weren't able to simply lift them from their cages.. pulling back the hay from around their feet we were shocked to find that their feet and tale feathers were glued to the cage bottoms.. No wonder they were so well behaved and sat perfect in their tiny cages.. It's a good thing I only had a seller number and not a name.. I was not happy about my critters being glued.. anyone buying chickens or birds there would be aware that critters squawk and wallow.. But all is well with them now.. no more glue and they are all doing fine..This little fellow has been given the name of SPORT.. the pictures don't do him justice.. he is a beauty.. he is also very tame.. I love my critters... Have a wonderful day!



eileeninmd said...

Cool Rooster, gee I can not believe someone would glue any kind of animal to a cage. That is strange and kind of mean.

SquirrelQueen said...

He looks like a very sweet rooster, I'm glad to hear he and the others are doing fine. I can't believe anyone could be cruel enough to use glue on animals. I hope you reported the seller to the auction company.
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Pblacksaw said...

eileeninmind~ I thought it was mean and was shocked when we discovered the birds to be glued.. I have since been told that it doesn't hurt them and keeps them from fluttering and flapping around in their cages and hurting themselves.... what ever.. I don't like it..

SquirrelQueen~ I did.. I saw a woman constantly going to one birds cage and was annoyed that she appeared to be plucking at his tail feathers before the actual sale started.. she then bid higher and higher finally winning the bid on the bird.. After I got home I realized that she was pulling the glue from his tail feathers.. it doesn't appear to have harmed them in any way.. these birds are all very tame and appear to have been well treated.. birds have to be gently handled.. especially chickens to become this tame.. But yea the glue thing still bothers me..

Anonymous said...


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