Thursday, October 8, 2009

One~ Two~ Three~ - Three for Thursday!

"If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry."
~ Emily Dickinson

"If wishes were fishes, we'd all cast nets."
~ Frank Herbert

"Too often we... enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought."
~John F. Kennedy

1~> Thursday Photo Challenge!

Thursday Challenge is a place for photographic fun and learning. A theme is announced on this site each week. You may either take a new photograph related in some way to the theme or select one that you have taken previously; This weeks theme is golden..

"GOLDEN" (Gold-colored, Gold Plated, Yellow, Sun Flowers, Jewellery, Blonde, First-rate, Special,...)

The Long Pier behind the restaurant/gift shop/bar... At Edisto Beach.. Once upon a time a pavilion and game room was stuck up under this pier.. I used to play pac man there when Anthony was just a baby..
Way back in the day a hundred years or so ago.. or maybe it was only 16 or so.. I sat beneath this pier and watched a man play with my kids and his in the shallow water... Swinging them up in the air to leap over the crashing waves.. Taking turns with each one.. All of them special to him.. Man... I need to go sit under this pier again....

2~> Thursday Thunks .. A questions meme..

Welcome to the October 8th version of Thursday Thunks!
(which we always seem to post on Wednesday)
Where we make you think
a little bit before you blog!
This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by
Thursday Thunkers, the number 301 and the color ketchup red.

~This week we will answer questions from the Thunkers themselves. All questions were copied and pasted directly from the blogs. We will continue thunkers questions next week so if we haven't used your question yet... we will!~

1. Bud- What type of meme question is the hardest? ~~~> This kind.. the one where you ask me which kind is harder.. I skip the ones I don't like.. Sexual ones that some people try to sneak in are also skipped.. My kids and My Mom read my blog... I have to be respectful...

2. Smart Cent's Mom- If you could be any person living or dead, who would you be? ~~~> I would be me.. I'm sorta used to my weird self now.. I figure at nearly 50 I might not have time to learn to like a new me..

3. Thom- You accidentally bumb into someone at a store and you apologize. The person you bumped into says no problem and you notice food stuck in their teeth. What do you do?~~~> I hurry to another aisle so I can call my friend and tell her about the man with his pants sagging and his hair uncombed and oh yea he has stuff in his green teeth..

4. Captured Memories- "Do you ever shed a tear when you poop?"~~~>No But I pooped a little once when I was crying..

5. Mejis- If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, it's still a tree, right?~~~> Hmm.. I'm thinking technically once it falls.. it's a log.. or maybe just a dead tree..

6. Tosin- What is something you have said to someone that you wish you could take back?~~~> see #4 above.. I am careful about what I say.. I think first.. if I said it I meant it.. not taking it back!

7. Annie's home- not feeling very creative here so I will ask if you were in the Big Brother house how would you play the game?~~~> to win.. there are no friends in those games.. just friendly enemies..

8. Meandering Matt- Mac (which is still a PC (personal computer) in my opinion) or PC (Microsoft)?~~~>Are you asking which I have? Windows.. and these windows aren't even really mine..

9. Living Dead Nurse- Do you think Jay Leno’s show should be cancelled?~~~> Did Jay do something? I don't watch TV.. besides they are all just folks.. would you really care if.. lets say Howdy Doody.. cheated on his wife? or said something fresh to a co-worker.. there are legal means to handle sexual harassment.. and sex between consenting adults is not my concern.. Or are we just ticked because he moved to a new and earlier time slot? I don't care I don't watch television any way..

10. Dixie Chick- I LOVE VICTORIA SECRET PANTIES AND THEY ARE THE ONLY KIND I WEAR. JUST BOUGHT 5 NEW PAIR THE OTHER DAY. 2 BLACK, 2 RED AND 1 PURPLE. THEY ARE ALL FRESHLY WASHED AND READY TO WEAR. MY QUESTION IS.....WHAT SIZE BRA DO I WEAR...?~~~> Is there a prize for this question?.. I'm gonna make a wild guess and say 36c.. I hope the prize is a gift from Victoria's Secret!

11. And finally one by Kimber (just so you don't think I am too lazy)- There is a rattlesnake living behind the warehouse my husband's company just moved into, tarantulas in our side yard, scorpions all around at night and coyotes howling and running down the street in front of our house. So what color sheets will you want on your bed when you come to visit me?~~~~> Purple and white striped..and can I get a mint on the pillow too??


3~> Just for fun.. an etheree... a few weeks ago one of the prompt sights had the words.. pink plastic flamingo.. as the prompt for that weekend.. I tried to write something.. everything seemed to weird for me to post.. I still think about the prompt.. I still want to do something about those crazy pink plastic birds.. I have a few of them.. I have always liked them.. My Grandma Black had some of the old timey big pink plastic ones.. I guess I have writers block on the subject of plastic birds though.. I did manage this funny little etheree..

My Flock

decorate yards.
Old ladies love them.
Children bubble with glee
and clap their hands at the sight.
I use them as markers for graves
where I plant my foes in my back yard.
My flamingo flock now twenty birds strong.
Beautiful flock in waves of bright pink plastic
growing by leaps and bounds as my foes disappear.

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

Bonus~ some random thoughts..

I have had a long day! I promised I'd do the soccer Grand~Ma thing today since Myranda had to be out of town for the week-end..Mason and I ate hot-dogs in the living room and played ten minutes more than the allowed hour on the video game.. we checked the chickens and he offered the pig some grass... then off we went to his boring old soccer practice.. I loved baseball.. My guys both played baseball.. Anthony played football one season.. Cooper played basket ball one.. they played other things too just not for city league.. Soccer was never my cup of tea.. Mason likes it though and does well at it.. so when I have to I will do the soccer Grand-ma thing.. This afternoon I sat in the car and eavesdropped on the gaggle of soccer moms who were ignoring the one man in their midst as they stood huddled together talking about the ones who weren't there.. " I wouldn't send MY CHILD to practice in ugly shorts and not be there".. and a Lady on the other side of the field... "Look at her hair.. Is that one of those bumper things in her hair or is she teased?"... and the coach's wife.. " don't you think that as the coach's wife she should at least wear a decent pair of shoes out here.. why does she always wear flip flops..does she work?.. Maybe they are poor... wouldn't it be awful to be poor? I heard that she was married to a felon before this time.." Finally the gaggle turned their back on the lone man and waddled off to where the teased hair and the coaches poor wife sat together.. I could hear them all laughing and talking together.. apparently their flaws not so apparent at close range... then I heard a different kind of quiet laugh.. and the words.." can you see me from where you are? I see your truck down there..did you drive here in two cars..." another laugh.. "yea me too... I almost shit myself when she started talking about the coaches wife....did she forget that's my brother's ex wife?.... yea I walked over with them.. yea.... No.. I said it was a business call... No.. the only person close to me is some old lady reading a book.. nah she hasn't even looked up.. probably deaf... who knows who she is.. I never saw her before.. so can you sneak away for a couple of hours later?.." another spine tingling laugh..."well you could tell her something came up...oh shit here they come.. I'll take care of it first thing in the morning Mr. Smith!"..not really the name she said ... and the gaggle was back.. " does anybody want to take the kids to Pizza hut? My Husband just sent me a text and he has to go back to work.. something came up!"..Careful not to give myself away since I was considered to be deaf I peeked from the corner of my eye to see if I could tell who she was.. I knew her and the woman who.. with a smile like the cat who got the canary.. was sliding her expensive cell phone back into the holster on her hip... It's a small.. small world.. who would have thought soccer practice could be so interesting?? who knew what drama filled the lives of the soccer moms??.. Maybe I should go to soccer practice a little more often!..Have a great Thursday!

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