Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Three in One.. Wednesday Photo Memes!

"Edible, adj.: Good to eat, and wholesome to digest, as a worm to a toad, a toad to a snake, a snake to a pig, a pig to a man, and a man to a worm. " ~ Ambrose Bierce

“And now this pale swan in her watery nest ~Begins the sad dirge of her certain ending.”

~ William Shakespeare

"There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot."
~Steven Wright

Lighthouses it is!

Hunting Island Lighthouse~ The first lighthouse on Hunting Island was
constructed of brick. Built in 1859 to guide vessels along the coast,
between Charleston and Savannah, Georgia. It warned ships away from the

dangerous shoals, sandbars, and reefs along this stretch of the South Carolina coast. It was destroyed during the civil war to keep the union soldiers from using it for navigation. Reconstructed in 1875 with its distinctive black and white coloring; the new lighthouse was designed to be moved in case of barrier island erosion. Just as feared, within a few years, the ocean had cut away the northern end of the island, endangering the lighthouse and its outbuildings. In 1889, it was moved one mile southeast of the old site, where it stands today.

Bald Head Lighthouse, known as Old Baldy, is the oldest
Lighthouse in North Carolina! For nearly 200 years, it has marked the mouth of the historic Cape Fear River.

I love Lighthouses! I think I would have loved to have be en a light-keeper or maybe a light-keepers wife.. They lived very lonely lives at times and I' m going to say they would have had to love each other an awful lot to stand being there together all winter.. Many of them are easily
accessible now but that wouldn't have been the case when they were actually in use.... The barrier islands would have been hard to reach in winter storms...


The Lens Day Challenge for this week is Edible.
  1. (n.) Anything edible.
  2. (a.) Fit to be eaten as food; eatable; succulent; as, edible fishes.
How is that for Edible? Dave fought and caught him on a fishing trip that he went on with the guys from work.. We ate him fried and stewed .. stuffed and grilled.. finally giving some to some to a friend to eat.. He was edible several times over.. I wasn't on the trip but I would have needed a colorful..cold.. fruity drink after a workout like reeling that big fish in... just look at him.. he is half as big as Dear Dave!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Do you see what I see hiding along the edge of the shore? Dave and Cooper walked right up to her this time and a few other times to make her picture.. She is the mama gator that lives on Hunting Island.. in one of their ponds.. with some her children.. ( Incidentally.. she is also edible!)...This is an old picture.. she is twice this size now.. My newer photo's of her are gone with all the others on my now deceased computer.. Dave and I .... with the children.. have followed her growth through the last 15 or so years.. when we were there earlier this year we didn't stop by the pond to see her.. she is so used to people that she does her best to ignore everyone who snaps her picture.. She is often found laying on the bank in the sun and won't even flinch as people walk up close for a photo.. The park has now built barriers to keep camera toting idiots.... Dave and Cooper.. NOT me!.. out of harms way.. to me.. her tail is edible.. to her..all of me is edible..

Have a wonderful Day!


Carletta said...

Love the lighthouse!
You have some gorgeous ones there in the Carolinas.
The sepia gives it the timeless feel it deserves.
I wouldn't get close to the gator. :)

Martha Z said...

I too, enjoy lighthouses. Interesting that they anticipated having to move that one.
As for the gator, we have gone several times to visit relatives in Houston and alway go down to Brazos Bend to visit the gators and birds.
Glad you enjoyed my posts on Bodie and the Owen's Valley.

Tumblewords: said...

Good post - I've been closer to a 'gator than I'd like. Lovely pictures!

Ebie said...

So sorry about your computer, and this post made me smile with your last sentence,

"her tail is edible.. to her..all of me is edible..

PJ said...

the photos of the lighthouses are awesome! love the sepia.

what kind of fish is that? it is huge!

when i went to georgia with my friend we went through louisiana and s he was wanting to take a baby gator home with her! she's crazy like that though. thank goodness we didn't, don't know what she would've done with a gator in south!


Ralph said...

The lighthouse has a classic shape, made all the more beautiful in sepia. It evokes a photograph of the era in the slightly bronze monochrome. The shape of a lighthouse is for the ages, no matter what body of water it adorns!

Big Time said...

I share your love for lighthouses. Don't know where we got it though. Love you! Reuben

@nemonen said...

I love your light houses. They are beautiful. Great shoot!

J Bar said...

Great and scary.
Sydney - City and Suburbs