Wednesday, October 28, 2009

There is Something About Being Near the Water....

"The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea." ~Isak Dinesen

"Filthy water cannot be washed." ~African Proverb

"Every time we walk along
a beach some ancient urge disturbs us so that we find ourselves shedding shoes and garments or scavenging among seaweed and whitened timbers like the homesick refugees of a long war." ~Loren Eiseley

Watery Wednesday #59

Siblings enjoy Sunrise on the Ocean~
Cooper and Emily...

Looking for a morning meal!

Rather its the crashing waves of an angry sea or the babble of a slow moving brook.. there is something special about being near the water.. I love the ocean with it's breezes and waves and it's shells.. that though they may be broken.. still reflect a beauty unseen anywhere else on earth.. When we head down to the beach.. we will roll our windows all the way down and breath deeply as soon as we catch even the slightest whiff of the salty air.. some people think the marsh stinks... I always told my children that.. that was the smell of earth.. and yes.. some times the earth smells rich and loamy.. they just roared with laughter and said.." Mama.. you know it stinks!!"

Some of my fondest memories involve water...... swimming in the pool that my siblings and I dug with shovels when I was a little girl..... my late Mother-in-law saying the waves were nothing only to be flung onto the shore spread eagle five minutes later buy one of those "nothing" high tide waves.... My children fishing and catching fish on sticks that my oldest son rigged with diaper pins and fishing line... Dave an I star gazing in the back yard pool after all the children were in bed... There is something about being near water.. something soothing.. something peaceful... something special.... Have a wonderful watery Wednesday!


Dimple said...

Being near water is both calming and energizing. Nice post, and thanks for the visit!

PJ said...

you and i share the same love of the water. i like the rivers and lakes better than the ocean though. i like to be able to see land in my view. and i could sit by the river for hours. have a great day...hugz!

Anonymous said...

I love the water and the peace it brings to my soul. I wish I was sitting near some at this very moment!

Big Time said...

Some of my fondest memories of water involve you me and Anthony fishing all night on the Barnwell Lake, talking the night way as Anthony slept. Those were good times. Love you Patsy. Reuben