Saturday, October 17, 2009

One word.. One minute... Do you Care??

"Love begins by taking care of the closest ones - the ones at home."- Mother Teresa

"The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government. "- Thomas Jefferson

"If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded."
- Maya Angelou


I have been back to the One Word sight again.. I have always liked words.. I like to find different ways to say what each word says.. I like to use words so that each one says a lot.. I like word lists and word prompts.. I like to twist words and turn words and use words in ever which way you can... I think I will be a regular at the One Word sight... I will race the timer to try and write as much as I can of the feelings I get from each word that they offer... yes I will race the timer..

..tonight their word is caring..

I try everyday to be caring....I had a lot more to say but the little thing popped up and said TIME!! Just the one word and so many images poured into my head.. I thought Of Nelma~ ( My Late Mother-In-Law... From my first Marriage~) and how much care she needed for a time.. my wonderful friend.. I cared for her.. I loved her.. I still love her.. I miss her very much!

Emily such a sick little girl..the scariest word I ever heard.. cancer...who knew a baby could be born with cancer?.. a hospital far from many wonderful..caring doctors.. I wouldn't have her without them and I would have lost it so many times had they not been a "Family" caring group.. they cared for me so that I could care for her..seeing me and my life...fall apart
and caring enough to help me gather the pieces back into one shaky pile... Trudy caring enough to see that I never faced the treatments alone ...on the road before sunrise... getting home way after dark.... sharing one hot-dog and a diet coke while we waited for hours and hours.. whispering about the hair styles of the nurses and voting on which Doctor was better looking.. we didn't really care.. she had Danny and I had a divorce.. but it helped pass the long dreary hours...

My parents Caring for my boys while I was ..otherwise engaged.. at the hospital with Emily... My nights there lonely and scared.. My Daddy would drive Anthony and Cooper there and let me sit in the lobby with Cooper for a break.. Anthony caring for Emily.. reading to her inside the plastic bubble... sitting crouched into the tiny space.. uncaring that he would be stiff and cramped by the time my break was over.... Cooper hopping and skipping from end to end of the long lobby..uncaring that he was too loud... running up to strangers and saying "How ya -ana" ..( his version of How are ya?) with a big eyed.. smile.. me and Daddy laughing when we overheard a couple discussing where we "foreigners" might be from... Cooper too young to understand the break he gave me.. Daddy.. Mama.. and Anthony caring enough to make sure I got it.. Cooper finally wearing out and crawling into my lap for me to sing Kumbaya to him....before he went "home" to Grana's house....He cried when I finally brought him back home with me.. I said I didn't care.. Grateful for the care-taking they had done for so long.. I said I didn't care....

seeking a caring .. dependable..and loving person... I found Dave and his two crew... I have been caring for them for so long.. he has cared for me so many times as well.... caring for a very sick me.. twice.. caring for my kids and his kids and the family's kids and the Not his family's kids...thinking I married him... I married a crowd who would need many different kinds of care.... care for years and years.. sister and brothers and a wonderful Mom too.. even a wife-in-law to share cares with at times.. how can we not? ...we have two children together.. she and I...

Caring for so many different ones through the years...children.. friends.. family.. strangers.. always caring.. caring and giving every way I can..... some for a short time.. some for a life time.. doing all I can and many times wishing I could do more.. do something.. do anything.. but caring when no one else did sometimes..

sometimes caring isn't enough.. I would quit if I could.. I quit yesterday and today and many many days.. I quit caring!!! I refuse to care!! I don't care.. I won't care... I mean it!! I do!

But then the little timer said.... finish your sentence you are done!!! ...Then it said.. enter your name NOW!! ..YOU ARE DONE!!! I didn't really get done.. but what it did let me say is below..

I know this is sorta rambling along.. but these are my thoughts on caring.. you could always go there and do your own.. in fact I suggest that you do!
Have a wonderful night!

One Word~ 10-17-2009


.. loving.. helpful..trying as hard as I can and it's not enough to be caring.... sometimes it takes more than that.. They don't want you to care.. caring gets you in trouble sometimes. You care... and they say " It's always me.. I can't do nothing right".. like you shouldn't care.. shouldn't say why was that or what's up with this???.. OK.. today I quit caring.....well I tried to at least......
OK! I can't stop caring!!


PJ said...

you always do an incredible job with words patsy, so it is no surprise to me that you love the new site you have found. your words bring so much emotion to me when i read them. most times they make me smile and many times i actually laugh out loud. these words here brought many emotions to me. they brought the tears to my eyes, they brought the compassion to my heart and the happiness that emily has so many caring people in her life. much love to you my dear friend...hugz!

vickie said...

TFS the site and your thoughts! Hope you never stop caring.

Anonymous said...

it is so hard to stop caring even about people that shouldn't matter...