Friday, September 11, 2009

How did it become Friday Already?

"Children are unpredictable. You never know what inconsistency they're going to catch you in next." ~Franklin P. Jones

"Children make you want to start life over." ~Muhammad Ali

"Boy, n.: a noise with dirt on it." ~Not Your Average Dictionary

Friday Greetings! ~I can barely believe that it is Friday already.. This week was gone in a blink.. Monday Dave had to work a
nd was glad of the hours.. those will help..When he came home we rode to Martha's and ate over salted~ chocolate chip~ cookies.. .. I loved them and plan to change my recipe.. Tuesday we installed new vent pipes and doctored~ if not fixed~our septic tank troubles.. Thanks for the tip Reuben.. Wednesday we put Dave's huge box back together thus building a shed or storage building.. I mostly watched except for the advice I offered on how to raise the roof.. It looks great and will make Dave a good and sturdy storage shed when he finishes with it.. I offered him an old bed for out there in case he gets in the dog house but he just laughed at me...Thursday he added a door and decided that he will also add windows before covering the whole thing with some aluminum siding.. Today he fetched a broken Lawn mower home to work on.. then we paid bills and bought a truckload of groceries.. Our monthly big buying trip to the store.. Oh never fear I'll go back but not for a load like we had today.. not this month at least.. Plus as always.. we had animals to feed and eggs to gather.. gardening to tend and the regular everyday things that every one has to do.. Wow it sounds like we were busy.. No wonder I am tired..

I am Frustrated! ~ Let me apologize for having to much stuff on my blog.. I received an e-mail that said I am putting too much on each posting.. I was advised to have a few blogs instead of just one.. It said that way I could put all the uninteresting stuff somewhere else.... I thought this blog was mine? I was under the impression that I could put what I wanted to on each post.. well with-in reason of course.. If you find that I have to much stuff please feel free to skip over what you aren't interested in... I am interested in many different things and will most likely continue to "litter" ( their word not mine!) this blog.. MY BLOG!.. with many different things! I know I could have a few different ones but I am simply trying new things..some of them I will do again.. some of them I won't.. Maybe I'll begin a rotation of sorts so that I don't have several things on any given day.. If you find my blog to busy I apologize..I will figure out how to rotate the different things that I have been trying.. Maybe I will decide to have another blog as well but It won't be for the un-interesting things.. In fact I don't recall ever putting an uninteresting thing on here.. also to the person who sent that e-mail.. I tried to send you one back.. it came back.. apparently you no longer exist... please don't change your name after you send me a nasty e-mail.. I had something to say in spoke then hid so I couldn't respond.. Now I am frustrated!

and now on to my regular Friday for the Kids post!

1~) Don't try to change others... I know that it is in our nature to try to change others into what we want them to become.. we often think we know what will make them better people.. we fuss and nag and they might even change a little bit on the surface.. Learn to accept people for who they are.. learn to love them for who they are.. or learn to live without them.. a person has to feel that they need to make changes and act on those feelings for themselves before real change can begin... They can dye their hair purple and wear colored contacts and even pad their pants to have a better shaped butt.. But when all that comes off they are still the no butted ..gray haired.. blue eyed person you started out with.. and that's just surface changes.. you don't even want to get me started on inner change!! What gives us the right to decide what others should be? nothing gives me or you that right.. we only have the right to change ourselves.. Be the best that we can be.. maybe if others see a change in us they too will want to become all that they can be??

This is not all there is. And that even when the world tries to convince you that you have to have it all to be anything--God says each of us were worth His life when we were nothing and had nothing... The Bible is not just a book. ..It is a letter written to mankind by God... I want my" Children" to know that it will change them and that just when they think they know what it means it will turn around and blow their minds with some new deeper meaning... But it does have to be read for this to happen.. I want you to know that there is nothing you can do or not do to make God love you more... or less.. He can not love you any more than He does at your very worst... God does not make ugly.... well except for me.. I accidentally saw myself in the mirror once.. I think he maybe made me beautiful on the inside though.. Maybe I am wrong side outwards??.. But Trust me that God does not make mistakes..

3~) You can not like everyone.. everyone can not like you.. if we loved everyone what would we complain about?? well there is of course the price of food and the price of gas and... just take my word for it.. people will dislike you for no reason.. you will dislike some of them for no reason.. I trust my gut.. If my gut doesn't like you.. you're most likely a looser.. I'll figure out why later..then I'll have something new to complain about!

4~)The grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence...but if it is, chances are your neighbor is using padooky for fertilizer.. and I bet you a coke that he has more weeds in his yard.Weeds and sand spurs love Padooky! What do you mean you don't know what Padooky is?....Oh I forgot I'm a hick.. Padooky is what is dug out from under the outhouse when it gets full.. Now do you see why their grass is greener? You might want to hop back over here where you started.. on the good side of the fence!

5~) Please don't leave the toilet seat up..Close the toilet lid before flushing...otherwise, when you flush, the germs are tossed up and around the bathroom by the force of the water. And while you're thinking of how nasty and gross that thought is.. you may want to make sure your toothbrush is covered... Just in case me or Dave needs to flush.. or someone from the other side of the fence where the grass is so green..

6~) You are a beautiful and unique person. Even when it seems as though no one else cares, God does. Remember that I love you everyday.. where ever you are..(I bet you are over the fence again.. go ahead step in padooky but don't yell for me when you do!)

I hope all of my "kids" have had a tolerable week.. they can't all be bad.. even if it sometimes feels like they are..they can't all be good..even though we all wish they could and think they should.. Sometimes even tolerable is asking for a lot.. this was a pretty good week for me overall.. there have certainly been moments when I wanted to scream and even slap someone silly.. not someone in particular... anyone would do.. can I call YOU next time I feel that way??? But tonight is Friday and another week passes on it's way.. Have a wonderful weekend! Have a wonderful Night!


Pheebs said...

I can't believe someone actually said that to you - whoever it was mut read this blog. Go spit mean person!! If you don't like reading this blog then maybe you can fin one of the other BILLIONS of websites to hold ur interest. Suggestion: How to be a butt...for Dummies!! Boss Heifer nothing you write about is unintersting. So I maybe I misunderstand your haikus from time to time - but I still find them quite interesting. I was gonna say intrigue - ing but I couldn't spell it....I'm a moron!! LOL Anyway I love your blog! Gonna start one of my own soon if i can think of something to write that womeone wants to read. I might get a nsty email myself....haha...Write On Boss Heifer!! Write on!!!

PJ said...

omg, really! what an ass! your blog is YOUR blog and you do with it whatever the hell you desire. i laughed when i read you telling him/her off. i was like "that's right, you go girl!" i really don't understand why people would ever do that. quite simply, if you don't like a page your on in this virtual world, move on to something else. for f*@# sake! get over yourself! ok, now that i have that out of my system...

i have been guilty of trying to change others with all of my previous relationships. obviously it didn't work and i learned some major lessons. sometimes still i will find myself reverting back to that way of thinking. but i am aware and quickly stop.

i HATE the toilet seat left up! there is nothing worse than to sit down and fall in!

wishing you a wonderful relaxing weekend my friend, much love to you!

Jan from BetterSpines said...

Hi Patsy. Yes, it's your blog and you can do whatever you want with it. If people don't like it, they don't have to visit. So there!
And it's bad feng shui to leave the toilet seat up also, something about money going down the gurgler.

Pblacksaw said...

Pheebs~ you know me.. I could have just set back quietly.. ya think? nah I didn't think either..Haiku are meant to be read and pondered.. I ponder as I write them even... also reading and pondering one line at the time helps so they say... they are often a play on words.. yes a hidden Ah ha! Kinda like a puzzle!

PJ~ I am also guilty of offering life changing advice.. no one listens though.. I fell in the toilet in the dark of night once.. once was enough.. what a ruckus I raised.. not pretty at all.. my toilet seat is usually where it needs to be..

Jan~ I never heard the bad feng shui thing ... but it sounds good to me.. I'll be sure to tell that to the guys in my life from now on!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week-end!

Maria@Conversations with Moms said...

Your absolutely right. It is your blog and you write whatever you want. We the readers can choose to read or not. As for me, I'll continue to read.

Pblacksaw said...

Maria~ Thanks.. I would like to please everyone.. but I know I can't.. thanks for reading me! have a great day!