Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Q&A : The Photographic Interview

"When you crop the photo, you tell a lie." ~ Doug Coupland

"A photo is a creation. " ~ Eva Herzigova

"Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter."
~Ansel Adams Has been running some new and different Photo challenges.. The brains and the brawn behind the sight is Tracey a 28 year old wife and Mother of two from Sydney Australia.. she says that the projects is her labor of love.. her own special way of bringing photography to people, and people to photography... Thanks Tracey for all the hard work you put forth for the ones of us who visit your Sight!!

1. What is the first thing you see in the morning? ~ Did Y'all really want to see a picture of the back of Dave's head? I thought not! I am pretty much blind till I have had a cup of coffee anyway....
The first thing I really see every morning is my chickens... I always have coffee in the chicken garden.. I know you think it smells bad but I have herbs and blooming plants planted in containers in all of the paths between the different pens.. It's a great place to watch the sunrise with coffee and sometimes a friend...

2. The biggest thing to happen to you recently/soon? ~ Someone .. gave me a pig... I have only rarely had the gift of a living breathing thing!.. I love animals.. I am tickled me to death with my new gift.. I love her.. Pork Chop.. she is still a little skittish around people.. but yesterday she took some pea hulls from my hand and today she let me scratch her hiney.. I happen to know that pigs love to be scratched..I'll win her over by scratching her back..

3. Your best mirror shot.. Let me tell you .. there are no good mirror shots when it comes to me.. I rarely look at myself in the mirror and My daughter almost fell over when she realized I had actually made a photo in the mirror for this blog thing..

4. The person that you see the most in a week ~ That poor over -burdened soul would be Dave.. I sometimes think we see too much of each other..Maybe tomorrow every time I walk passed him I'll close my eyes..I will have him close his too...

5. Your favorite shoes.. I really hate shoes..
I do wear flip flops when I have to.. or when I can get away with it.. I have them in all colors...

6. Your favorite meal.. I love Grits and eggs.. I prefer the eggs fresh from the hen too.. I also love a sliced tomato along with my meal of grits and eggs.. I will take bacon or ham or even sausage if it's there and cooked but I can make a meal off of grits and eggs..

7. The color of your eyes.. People always comment on my eyes.. to me they are just eyes and lately they are old eyes at best.. They are Blue.. Blue.. Blue..
My eyes are blue...

8. Your favorite place to be on a Friday night.. My favorite place to be every night is at my own home.. I love to sit outside under the car port/patio/gathering space in my hanging swing chair and swing as I listen to the sounds of nature..
I guess I am odd to some people.. I like home better than anywhere else!

I have managed to get a photo for the answer of each question..
Please visit to check out their newest project ideas. I can think of a few people right now who love taking pictures and who would enjoy the projects.. I won't name you since I know... you know who you are!! Now I'm going to swing in the cool night air!
I hope you enjoy some small glimpses into my world!
Have a great Night..


Big Time said...

That is one nice pig! I would love some grits and eggs right now. Love you. Reuben

Lin said...

You did NOT write bacon and ham in the same post as that adorable picture of Pork Chop! For shame! I LOVE Pork Chop!

Pblacksaw said...

Big Time~ yep that's one more good looking pig. I love her.. I am boiling quail eggs now for a fixing that is already sold.. I could eat a mess of grits and some fried eggs right now myself.. Love you!

Lin~ I am shamed.. but yes I did say ham and bacon on the same post as the wonderful picture of my new pig..she is adorable.. she roots and rolls in the mud and then lays down in her drinking water.. she is really still a baby.. this morning she and I had a conversation of grunts.. I don't have a clue of what we said but I think she understood..

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I just love your pig!! She is so adorable! I think there will be one special bond between you.

I love to take pictures. I don't have one of those nice digital cameras yet, but I enjoy it. I will check that new place out.

Flip flops are my favorite too.

Have a great day! ~loves2ride

PJ said...

this is really a fun challenge. i am going to have to check that link out, thanks patsy!

i'm with you on the shoe thing. i hate shoes and am not looking forward to having to wear them again when the snow flies.

hugz to you my friend!

Pblacksaw said...

anon~ this was my first visit to the sight.. I will being trying s few of the challenges there though.. this was fun! I love my pig.. I do have a digital camera but i wouldn't go as far as to call it a "nice" one..

PJ~ I sure am glad to see you back.. I hope the move went well and the unpacking is nearly done? I'm still on Em's laptop since my own Computer died.. I'll be looking for at the very least a new hard drive... I couldn't manage where I had to wear shoes all the time.. I do love Indian moccasins so I might be able to swing it in Moccasin feet.

I encourage everyone to checkout the sh1ft sight.. the challenges there are fun and interesting..
have a great day!