Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just a Little something....

"He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it."

"I don't believe it. Prove it to me and I still won't believe it."

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."
all by ~ Douglas Adams

Wow~ Now how did I let Tuesday sneak up on me? Actually I did know it was Tuesday.. I had even planned a real good trick on my what is it post... Then my computer decided to be an arrogant and aggravating so and so whatever and hasn't been behaving very well today.. It decided that the camera I normally use was incompatible.. Me and my best friend Deb sat here and messed with it all day.. Of course we had to stop trying to eat and talk and laugh and look at the chickens and walk her poodle.. Dave and I are debating taking all the money we would normally spend on the kids at Christmas and buy us a new one.... Dave even has a grand scheme of having one Built to our own specifications just as if we were rich folks.. I can almost hear the children laughing even as I write this.. they know I wouldn't do that to them.. they think I will have their stuff for Christmas just as we always do.... just as we have since they were little kids instead of the grown folks they are now.... I am thinking though that this year we might fool them and go away someplace alone and hide out for the whole week of Christmas on their gift money... holding hands and walking along the shore in the early evening or having warm drinks in some beach front bar... We could.. but I know we won't.. we are good parents and I'll keep fighting this old Computer till it keels over and dies.. We have had terrible luck with computers.. I think we ~ or mostly me~ wear them slap dab out.. the last one before this one, we had so long that the letters were almost gone off the keyboard.. I never took typing in school so I have got to have the letters.. Dave being his wonderful and sweet self put them all back for me with a marker.. We use them all up before we are done with them.. The first one we bought from an auction.. old and well used.. the next one we bought new then the fan died and we had that fixed.. Later the mother board croaked and we used a spare that came from a dumpster for almost a year then bought this one... I still have the spare just in case.... This one came from a pawn shop... they said new but I don't think it was brand new.. Maybe almost new..This is our third Computer in 15 years.. Is that good or bad?

Lately we seem to be having bad luck all around.. the computer is an on going thing...a leak in the roof... the septic tank say it's on strike too.. I couldn't be a good worker and suit the Indians.. and I haven't found a new job... Maybe if my husband beat me enough.. At least that's what my ex boss says is the problem.. I wonder if it would help.. I'd be almost willing for Dave to spank me and see.. and if that doesn't help then we'll move on and know it's a lost cause..
Someone once told me that you could make money blogging... I think I have earned 11 cents for advertisements.. Maybe I'm doing it wrong... Maybe I am trying to hard to do things my way!

But today was a good day even though I didn't get some things done.. Dave, Deb and I had a wonderful lunch of spaghetti and a great ~ almost pizza/ more than bread~ that I found the recipe for this morning while doing my drops.. The dough was made in the bread machine.. a regular pizza dough except I used half wheat flour.. pressed into a pan and brush with olive oil then smothered and covered with very thinly sliced tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms... On top of all that was a generous sprinkling of Parmesan cheese and then some mixed grated cheese left over form this week ends Taco's.. I will never find that sight again and Deb took the printed recipe home with her.. But Lord It was delicious... I'm even sure it has a name but I don't know it.. Hopefully they dropped on me and I'll see them again tomorrow....

I have started another class on Allpoetry... this one is an acrostics class... I actually like writing acrostics..and so far..~ Knocking on wood~.. I am doing great in this class... I swore I wasn't taking any more because of the time involved but I couldn't stay away.. Our last class was on writing what is called shadow acrostics.. I wrote one and then decided to write another.. I couldn't decide which to turn in so I turned in both.. I know!! I was being weird and it wasn't even Wednesday... I am sharing both of them with you tonight.. Just a little something since I cheated you out of your chance to guess tonight.. I hope you enjoy them.. I hope your Tuesday was great! Have a great night!

My oldest and his Crew!
I love Y'all! But you could SMILE!!


Simple muscle movements; so everyone sayS
Many hearts are brightened by their happy beaM
I love to see one light the eyes; as the mouth says HI
Listening to a child's laughter always makes mine swelL
Everyone looks beautiful when they wear a smilE!

Written BY: Patricia Sawyer


Double Trouble!

Terrible two?
or Normal To

olling jumper;
bouncing; kicke

ver head in the tree;
what will you be? A dynam

nder the bed? Behind the door?
Where are yo

ehave! be sweet!
Yes I'll give your back a ru

ittle boys are rough
and tenderly tough as wel

veryday; Every second;
a new adventure in Lov

written By: Patricia Sawyer


Anonymous said...

I will be checking regularly at work for anything that resembles a computer. As much as you use one, you shoudl have a decent one. And I swear, even if it's tha last thing I do before I die - I'm going to by you a brand new one so don't give up hope! I've been slack on my reading and I'm sorry. These days when I read I have to go back 3 or 4 days. I'm a terrble niece. But I did notice you weird wednesday post...the kissing ppl in weird places...you also kiss sick mothers who are delirious with pain because they think you are their husband and you don't want to upset them! hahahahaha A stand in mom, a stand in dad, how could I not love you so much!!! Keep writing, I'll keep reading! LOVE LOVE Boss Heifer!!

PJ said...

maybe your kids will surprise you this year for christmas and get you a nice new puter! i have had my dell for 7-8 years now and it is still going strong. they have some for like 500 bucks and lower!

i'm sorry bout your bad luck patsy, but things do have a way of turning themselves around. i have to keep telling myself that this too shall pass.

love your writings, you do an excellent job!

have a wonderful day my friend, much love to you!