Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why Am I So Weird?

“Live life fully while you're here. Experience everything. Take care of yourself and your friends. Have fun, be crazy, be weird. Go out and screw up! You're going to anyway, so you might as well enjoy the process. Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes: find the cause of your problem and eliminate it. Don't try to be perfect; just be an excellent example of being human.” ~ Anthony Robbins

"It's not so much what you have to learn if you accept weird theories, it's what you have to unlearn" ~ Isaac Asimov

"The Public may think I'm weird. They may think I'm crazy or anything that anyone wants to think about me That's all fine" ~ Paul Reubens ~ ( better know as Pee Wee Herman!)

I love weird Laws.. I will share a few with you.. and my thoughts on them..

In Washington State, you can't carry a concealed weapon that is over 6 feet in length... and where exactly would one conceal this 6 foot long weapon? in their pocket??

In the state of Colorado, a pet cat, if loose, must have a tail-light ! ... I'm, not touching this law.. I wouldn't want to be the one to plug that light in.. would you??

In Florida, it is against the law to put livestock on a school bus... I have got to ask you..why would they need to make this law? was Granny sending her goats to school?

I know you love it when I am weird.. I have so many people who love the weird questions and answers.. I have even thought about making a blog just for the weird side of me.. Maybe I will run out of weird questions some day.. Maybe I will become normal and forget how to be weird? Do you think that could happen?.. Me neither! So Now I'll get on over to the weird questions..

Have you ever played strip poker? How well did you do? ~ The whole concept of strip poker is so weird to me... who wins? .. the one who is naked the fastest or the one who still has clothes on at the end of the game? .. if the object of the game is to get some one naked then wouldn't you win by getting naked first?.. I was invited to a weird and wild party once where I was told they would be playing strip poker.. I went wearing a dozen rings and layers of clothes.. bracelets and necklaces wrapped around my arms and neck.. I looked like a homeless gypsy in all my clothes and bling.. I was so weird.. everyone there gave me weird looks and stayed away from me.. all except this one weirdo who kept asking me if I wanted to see his royal flush... I was so confused.. I knew he was weird and I figured if he had a hidden royal flush.. he had already won the game.. I stood in the corner for about forty five minutes and finally just eased out the door.. everyone there was weird anyway.. they didn't even miss me..

Do you have any weird rituals that you do before you go to bed each night?~
That depends on exactly what do you consider weird? do you mean like dancing naked in front of my bathroom mirror and pretending to sing? Or brushing my hair while I hang upside down in the peach tree in my back yard? Or standing on one foot and clapping my hands as I chant Oogy boogy?.. I usually stand up from the computer..~ Dave works nights... I blog and write nights.. days we spend doing stuff here together for the most part..~ I stand up from the computer and stretch while I say aloud " Damn I'm tired.. I'm going to bed!" I know I am weird for speaking aloud to an empty house.. Oh well! I admit to being about half weird anyway... then I shower.. take dirty clothes and towels to the laundry room and crawl into bed.. sometimes I do turn the TV on.. I always say a few words to my Maker just before I go to sleep.. I would say I am pretty normal with no weird rituals.. well except for the whole Oogy Boogy thing..

3~)What brings you joy? What fills your heart with giggles? Joy and Giggles.. I know people think I'm a weird old woman who doesn't do joy and giggles.. I must admit I don't have many giggles any more.. I never was too much of a giggler.. I was too busy being weird to ever really get into the giggle thing.. it really doesn't take all that much to bring me joy.. some days the roosters crow can bring me joy.. just being alive at sunrise can bring me joy... a day where I don't have to be around a moron can bring me great joy and comes close to filling my heart with giggles.. My children bring me great joy as do my Grand children and my sibling's children.. Little children do make me giggle some times too... especially when they say things that are weird to hear from a child's lips.. things like "when I was grown"... or " lets dance like we did when I was old!" I always.. for some weird reason... glance around for who ever they might think they are.. Maybe they were once grown.. maybe they did dance with me when they were old.. Maybe I am weird...

4~) Who is more disorganized: you or your significant other? I hate that weird significant other phrase.. I am sure you are talking about Dave even though you call him by that weird name... This is about the easiest weird question I have ever had.. I am organized.. I know my house is weird and looks as if No one is organized here.. I will let you in on a secret.. I know where everything is.. I will know in a skinny minute if you touch anything in my house..I am weird like that.. If you as much as shift a chair.. a hair's breath.. I will notice it.. I will get all weird too.. don't shift my chairs please.. Dave has no clue where he left the hammer.. one is under the house.. he knows the tape is here somewhere.. I know where three different kinds are.. I am more organized.. we are both weird.. But I know where every one my weird things are!!

That is it for tonight.. I could answer a million weird questions each week.. there are at least that many people out there writing weird questions.. Tonight has been busy.. the phone has been a constant ring.. the rain has settled in for the night.. and I have done a lot of writing.. plus entertained a few visitors.. I have searched through old pictures deciding what would be great for my blog and what would just be too weird... I have laughed at weird laws and made up a few weird rituals.. Now even though it would really and truly be weird.. I am planning an early night.. Have a wonderfully Weird Wednesday!


PJ said...

wow, you've been a busy little poster! how'd i miss all of these?

love your weird laws patsy, i really can't believe that some of those are still on the books. i wonder if anyone has been busted for them in the last oh let's say 50!

you gave me a great visual of you as a homeless gypsy going to play strip poker...LOL! i have played that game before, but it was only with my kids' father. that's all i am going to say about that...

no weird rituals for me either before bed time. i have been told that i have a weird snore when i fall asleep though, but i don't know.

i love that about you as that is how i am also. the simple things in life is what brings me great joy.

i am the more organized one.

you have a wonderful night my dear friend, much love to you!

Anonymous said...

I can't keep up with you and all these weird things! I am probably just as weird. I like to think of it as being special. So, I am very special. Hee hee hee


Pblacksaw said...

Loves2ride~ I am only sometimes weird.. the other times I am wacky..

Pj~ the simple life is found to be lacking by most people today.. they say BORED! I am almost never bored.

Thanks to those who visited me today!
Have a wonderful night!