Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday and What is this? Two things? Cool!

"Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it."

"The happy people are failures because they are on such good terms with themselves that they don't give a damn."

"It is completely unimportant. That is why it is so interesting!"
All from Agatha Christie, ( born on this day- September 15Th) ~ 1890 - 1976

Today's Ten on Tuesday theme is things you think are cool.. I haven't tried this Meem before but I liked a lot of the past themes and thought to give it a try as something new and surprising for my faithful readers and I guess I am stubborn as well and will continue to put more than one thing a day on my blog..

Ten things I think are cool!

1-) antique school books...they are called primers.... I have a few from a one room school house.. some of the math problems deal with buckets of coal and cords of wood.. I love them..

2-) dolls.. I will always think they are cool..

3-) shot glasses... if I had drank a shot for all the glasses I have... I'd still be drunk.. I love them though..Dave and I share a collection of them.. someday I'd like to have them from all over the world.. wanna send me one?

4-) chickens.. I love my chickens and your chickens and metal chickens and glass chickens..and any chickens..

5-) coloring... I have loved to color for so long.. I always bought myself a coloring book when I bought one for my kids.. I don't like the fancy Barbie or other toy generated ones though.. I like the old timey big thick ones.. I even use the pictures for other projects like wood crafting or quilting..

6-) the ocean.. there isn't much that I find cooler than the sea.. I can sit in the sun for hours on a deserted beach and just watch and listen to the waves roll in.. a peanut-butter sandwich and a bottle of water.. and the peaceful sound of the ocean..

7-) blogging.. I wasn't sure I could do it.. I hoped and prayed I could.. I have been here a while now.. I am proud of my blog.. sometimes I don't do it like some people think I should.. I love other peoples blogs as much as I love mine... blogging is really way up there on my cool list right now!!

8-) writing.. I was a writer once.. a published writer in fact.. I have magazines and newspapers locked away safely to prove it.. then I quit.. I had other stuff going on... way too much other stuff..important stuff.. and writing slipped away.. I thought about it everyday and wrote poems and stories in my mind sometimes... I told stories to my kids and my siblings kids and the neighbors kids.. and my friends.. then one day I was sitting and a poem just rolled out of my mind.. I write everyday now.. something.. a poem.. a story..I am a writer.. writing is cool.. does that make me cool?

9-) Facebook.. I love being able to search for and to find people that I haven't seen in a while.. I have recently found a couple of folks from a long long time ago... also I connect with my kids and my grand-daughter there.. I can look at their pictures and be a nosy Mom.. and talk to high school friends and plant a garden and live on an island and play games and own a monkey.. How cool is that?

10-) Life.... life has not always been cool for me.. sometimes .. many times in fact it has been down right tough.. I am at a place with in my own self that I know my life has a purpose.. a plan.. God didn't make any junk!.. I will never be rich.. or skinny.. or drive a fancy car.. but I love my family and my friends .. and life is still the coolest thing I know!


What is it???

I know Y'all would be disappointed if I didn't have a something or other for you to guess on here today.. I think I have people who come just to guess once a week.. I get comments here.. (Not as many as I'd like!) ... and comments on face book and emails and even sometimes a phone call about the what is it posts.. I have gotten calls from people who say just tell them.. and text messages saying it isn't fair that they think they know so if I'll just tell them and they were right.... I even once had a person who accidentally figured out a way to cheat.. of course she then told me and I fixed that right away.. Thanks PJ!.. so now.. take a look at this thing I found.. What in the world is it?

What on earth do you use it for? Dave and I found it

waiting for me at the recycling center.. Yes I do know that it was thrown away.. I also now know that it is an expensive item to buy.. I didn't have one.. now I do.. mine was free.. Standing there looking at it we wondered what is was.. I thought it was a tiki torch thingy.. Dave thought is was the springs out of something and that I was making him bring home junk again...do you know what it really is? We sat it one the table and looked it over while we ate lunch together.. we discussed it while we fed the chickens and dogs.. Our son David and his new girlfriend~ Tonya~ came by.. we showed it them but they were clueless.. then like a lightening bolt I had an idea and Dave being a good sport helped me try some things out.. they worked.. But to be fair I couldn't just say it was something because I thought it.. Do you have an idea of what this strange looking thing is? I do.. I searched and searched.. I am a smart person.. it is exactly what I thought.. Do you have an idea? Please leave me a comment if you know what it is.. make a guess.. you might be right! Check back tomorrow and I'll have an update to let you know what this item is... Someone out there knows and maybe today that someone is YOU!! Have a wonderful Day!

Update~ This strange looking group of springs really is a 6 Bottle Wine tree.. I tried to get Dave to go buy me six expensive bottles of wine but he said not today.... so I had to show you with just some antique bottles I have been saving... Two people guessed right this week.. Lin from over at Duck and Wheel with String and my youngest sister Martha! Thanks to everyone who played my guessing game this week...


Judi said...

Good list! My mother collected ceramic chickens and roosters most of my childhood. It was my job to dust them (yuck). I don't pass one now that I don't think about her.

clare_stjohns said...

Well I have no idea but it looks like a popcorn or icecream cone holder but I doubt its either...

Lin said...

Wine rack. I think you put the wine bottles in cork down.

Mott said...

It is a wine rack. You put the bottles in upside down. I think it is supposed to look like a grape vine.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Got to be a wine rack. And yes, being a writer makes you cool :) I also love antique books of all kinds. Doesn't matter what they are, I love em all. My Mom was a doll collector, she had dozens and dozens. I on the other hand collected plates and figurines. Now I just want to get rid of them. We change so much as we age. The one thing that remains is that we are all cool in our own way.

Anonymous said...

We share alot of top tens! I have a few glass chickens up on top of my cabinets in the kitchen. I can't have any real ones in my neighborhood. I also love to color. I sit sometimes with my best friend and color to pass the time away. Yes, I am old, but you are never too old to color! The ocean is my favorite place to be. All day, everyday.

I didn't get here in time to make a guess, but that is okay. I have seen those bottle trees with colored bottles in them. So cool!


Pblacksaw said...

Judi~ I understand the yuck My Mom collected salt and pepper shakes and I had to dust them.. YUCK..I would love to have the colection now though..

Clare~ Dave and I discussed the possibility of putting six tiki torch cans in it and creating a skeeter repellent bonfire.. I still think it would work

Lin~ you are right.. I linked to your blog in the update..Good guessing..

Mott~ You too are right.. I saw the grape vine one on-line while I was making sure of what I had.. this one is plain.. but I like it..Now to get me some expensive wine... Maybe cheap will look just as good..

Poetic Shutterbug~ yes it is a wine rack.. I agree everyone is cool in some way.. I collect so many things but books are at the top of my list!

Thanks to all who visited here today! Have a wonderful day!

Pblacksaw said...

loves2ride~ we do share some top ten things.. Thanks for visiting with me today.. I have a bottle tree outside with bottles on it.. I saw one at a beach house a few years ago.. I hurried home and drove nails in a post to the chicken pen.. and made my own Bottle tree.. Have a great day!

Big Time said...

I got here late but I think it is a wine rack.....

Love you! Reuben

Pblacksaw said...

Big time~ better late than never.. Love ya