Thursday, September 3, 2009

Three things for Thursday!

"Poetry is an orphan of silence. The words never quite equal the experience behind them."
~ Charles Simic

"Sixty years ago I knew everything; now I know nothing; education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance." ~ Will Durant

"By all means marry.. if you get a good wife.. you will become happy.. if you get a bad one you will become a philosopher!" ~ Socrates

Today has been busy; busy; busy.. we did our regular every single day things like finding eggs and feeding chickens and birds and dogs.. we made some pictures to use for What is it Tuesdays and some just because I have a wonderfully willing man.. How many men do you know that will catch and hold a chicken because you want a picture of it.. and it keeps walking away from you and the camera?.. Remember that these boogers have spurs and they aren't all that keen on being caught or held.. We did laundry.. We also cleaned house.. Then I cooked a big lunch and was glad when Emily; Luke and Kirstin stopped by and ate a meal with us... Then Dave went away to work ... I sat down to write and to do my drops for entrecard.... That didn't last long since writing and the telephone don't mix.... So I went and made last evening gathering of eggs.... then I pickled 7 dozen quail eggs... ~They are already promised to a fellow that says he'll buy all I pickle.. I think he meant to add... within reason!.. I get at least a dozen quail eggs a day so I could fix him a lot of pickled eggs.. more than he could eat I'll bet.... But oh they are so time consuming to shell.. they are so tiny.. I use vinegar to help me dissolve the shells but they still take a bit of time.. Busy; Busy; Busy!! ~ OK.. I have bored you with my busy day enough.. Now on to the three things for Thursday!

1~) Thursday's Photo Challenge!

Today's theme~"TRANQUIL"
(Quiet, Peaceful, Still, Calm, Serene, Garden, Forest, Beach)
My children and I all Love the Ocean!
Cooper~ Hunting Island~ April 13~ 2003

2-) "TRANQUIL" ~ an acrostic poem..


Totally peaceful~ a picnic in the park.
Restful~ relaxing~ fishing~ riverside.
Amazing~ building castles~ at oceans edge.
No strife ~ no stress~ cloud watching.
Quiet and calming~ a misty midnight walk.
Untroubled ~ unusual~ under the moss draped oaks.
Idyllic ~ impressive~ stars on a black velvet sky.
Longed for~ nature's music~ lovers hand in hand.

Written BY: Patricia Sawyer

3-) just some thoughts~ the word of the day for the photo sight was tranquil~ (I say that as if you don't already know it..) I think about how busy; busy; busy our lives are these days.. I do remember when life was simple.. when the biggest decision I had to make was rather Reuben and I would steal.. ( let's say borrow instead!) the green box of jello or the red one to take with us to the train tracks for a snack.. we didn't care for jello .. it was slimy and wiggly and jiggly.. but we loved jello powder.. we were kids.. now they have a candy similar to that.. When our whole day revolved around catching frogs and running from Jimmy and playing hopscotch.. Reuben and Martha were both good hoppers.. I could sit for hours and watch Trudy roll her hair and try on make up.. I wasn't allowed to touch it but I liked to watch her make funny faces as she painted herself a face.. Sheron and I pulled all of the seed pods from the wisteria vine and painted them with her water colors.. She decreed that they were magical velvet beans.. We even set up a stand in front of her house and sold them to passers by for a nickel.. Cousin( said Cuddin) Debby and her Husband Cousin Dave bought one from each of us.. Sheron told them they could hang them from their Christmas tree.. I wonder if they did?.. you couldn't do that now without a permit!.. with Sheron.. everything is magical.. she doesn't realize how special she is.. I love her to pieces.. I have a vine.. maybe I'll gather me up a crew of kids and Sheron and paint velvet beans.. Frank told us if we could get close enough to put salt on a birds tail we could catch him.. we spent countless hours with a salt box laying in the bushes waiting for a bird... we salted crickets and centipedes and each other .. but we never got close enough to salt a birds tail... My sister Mary and I were going to become rich by writing a book.. I was going to do the writing and she was going to be the illustrator.. She used to draw the best pictures.. she would draw Paper dolls and coloring pages.. we even set us up a studio one summer in the smoke house... she bargained somehow with Jimmy to set us both up desk from some old boards and a few cement blocks.. we spent that whole summer shut up in the smoke house.. working on our million dollar book.. me writing and her drawing.. us talking about how we would spend our million... Mary mentioned our book today .. I wish I still had it.. I wish she would illustrate my poetry.. I personally think she and I would still make a great team.. Grandma Morris gave me a brownie Hawkeye camera when she got a new one and I made pictures of everyone posing them just so..
I was going to be a writer and a photographer.. and a magic bean painter.... but mostly a writer...
Then we all grew up.... we took on responsibilities.. Mary went to work and quit drawing paper dolls and I eventually quit writing for a long (way too long!) time.. husbands and kids and technology entered our world and changed our lives.. stress became a big part of every day.. we quit eating jello powder.. ( well I still do sometimes make fake strawberry's from it and eat them.) I miss the simpler times.. the tranquility of playing with my siblings in the early evening dusk.. Mama and Daddy talking quietly on the front porch steps.. sitting close together on the top step.. sharing their day and their thoughts and dreams.... and then as soon as we finished singing ain't no boogers out tonight.... Up from the azalea bed jumped Jimmy and the tranquility was over as we ran screaming and hollering all the way back to Daddy and Mama and falling all over each other... filling up the steps as the first stars twinkled in a night sky and the fireflies lit up the flowerbeds where the boogers lived.. and we rested there on that tiny porch on our little white house... peaceful and Untroubled...

Have a great day!


PJ said...

great tranquil pic!

your acrostic is beautiful!

i absolutely love your childhood stories. it sounds like it was an awesome time for you. i don't have many stories like that, i think my childhood was rather boring or i have just lost my memories of it. at any rate, i thank you for sharing yours, i have enjoyed it tremendously!

have a wonderful day my friend, much love to you!

Pblacksaw said...

Pj~ I wondered about that pic.. he is skim boarding.. I thought maybe too busy.. But I adore that picture.. for him extreme motion is tranquility.. Skating... flipping climbing.. running.. sit him down and he goes weird like his mama..That acrostic took work woman... hard to find tranquil words for the letters.. so I improvised.. I guess it turned out ok.. I wrote that one and the 3word Wednesday one both right out of thin air..for some reason I do pretty good at that..there were eight of us and six of us were pretty wired up most of the time.. Of course there were a couple of ring leaders in there too.. I am glad to have given you a few moments of enjoyment..

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just love it!!! Thanks for sharing! I love the beach and the water...great poem!

Pblacksaw said...

Anon~ thanks for stopping by.. I try to be a sharing kinda gal.. I am glad you enjoyed my poetry..Life is sweet! Have a wonderful day!