Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday! Monday! Monday!

"The main difference between men and women is that men are lunatics and women are idiots."
~ Rebecca West

"A man loses his sense of direction after four drinks; a woman loses hers after four kisses."
~ Henry Louis Mencken

1. When one is unable to find his or her way
Because she was so far behind the pack, she got lost in the forest.

The Moody Monday theme for today is Lost~ get lost ~lost and found
~ lost cause ~lost for words~ lost generation
~ lost sheep ~ Lost Tribes ~ lost wages~ Lost cause
~lost with all hands~ one who hesitates is lost
~ all is not lost!~

~Baby do you have the Map?~

Ummm... Baby.. I think we made
a wrong turn! This doesn't look like home!
I do believe we are Lost!!



Little by little befuddled
Overwhelmed; off track or muddled
Scatterbrained; astray and puzzled
Tapped out; tore up or bumfuzzled

Written By: Patricia sawyer


Ah! It is Monday.. Mondays are usually long and boring days.. We had a good week-end visiting with Dave's sister Donna.. Mason came for the week-end and Emily and Luke were in and out a few times with Kirsten.. Busy! Busy! Busy! We started a remodeling project today and I scanned some pictures.. Like I said.. long and boring.. Just another Monday! I searched everywhere for a picture to represent lost before I remembered these two from my first trip to New Mexico.. I had a few that showed people in the woods.. I knew they weren't lost though... They were way to happy to be lost.. I Loved watching the Prairie Dogs shown in the above Photo's.. I am sure that the creatures were loved and well cared for by the folks who own and the visitors at the store where they live in a special habitat.. I am also sure they knew it wasn't their home sweet home in the grasslands... Of course all is not lost.. they seemed to be doing quiet well in their new home.. They were fat and sassy.. Mason, Maya and I all begged to buy cabbage to feed them.. When we walked away they each had their own huge leaf ... munching away.. I could have gotten lost in the store.. It was huge and had great fountains and planters and everything one could imagine.. from craft items to toys and everything in between I really think they had it all.. We strolled around looking at all the great items and watching artisans from glass blowers to gourd carvers at work..If you ever get the chance you should definitely visit the Jackalope store.. I have spent most of this moody Monday thinking about the great time I had there..
Lost in thought I guess... today passed quicker than a normal Monday for me.. I hope you have a great Moody Monday!


Nilz said...

Wonderful entry. Love your jokes!

jakill said...

I got a bit lost today. Drove round and round in circles before I found my friend's house in Bournemouth.

Love your pics and captions.

Pblacksaw said...

nilz~ thanks glad to have you visit me..

jakill~ I haven't gotten lost lately.. Glad you found your friend's house.. Once I got on a road that had a circle in the center and off ramps that all looked alike.. I almost ran out of gas going around and around there..

thanks to everyone who visited my world today!